30 April 2013

Calling Time of Death

Yesterday was bake 127.  I tried to stop at day 124 but darn it, we ate something that needed baked.  The challenge was only for 100 days, but continued.

And now, I got me a honkin' big book of bake drafts, a fabulous organized bake box area, and we're making our way to sending me to pastry school.

All in all, a very good 100 day challenge, I set for myself.  But now, I'm calling time of death and officially ending the challenge.  I know, it's not a 4 at the end, but it's 27 and that's Tim's favorite number.  And I'm good with that.

That's about all from me.  April's gone, May on the way.  It's not snowing and I have another day off tomorrow. 

Cheers and boogie boogie.

28 April 2013

The Bee's Knees

What a fun day yesterday.  I can't wait to show you what I got.  And get this, on our ride home, we stopped at the corner and the girl saved me papers from last weekend.

She drug out a box of papers and that made me so happy.  And she goes, "I know, I'm the bee's knees."

She really is.

And now, I gotta get dressed and head to prep.  I'm a little zonked still from all the shopping yesterday.  Then we stayed up a little later than normal and now I gotta go make brownies and pineapple upside down cakes.

You Boogerbutts have a groovy day.  Can't wait to show you pictures and how little we paid for it all.  Actually, in the end, we made a small profit.  Not too shabby.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

27 April 2013

Screw Couponing - I Wanna do THIS

Now here's a kitchen where I'd have fun.  And I so want to learn.  To check it out, click Pastry Arts.  Or go to the main page and see their big kitchen.

What a workspace.

In day off news, it's Saturday and it's NOT snowing.  Just a few more things to do, and we're headed out.  Then my ass is back in prep tomorrow.

PS: Not really screw couponing.  My gosh, it's just too fun.  And for those of you that have a Dollar General, check out my post Save Money - Read Me.

Back before couponing, these items caused me stress.  I hated spending money on them, but it was stuff we needed.  Now, we get these things dirt cheap, free or tax only.  It's great fun.  You guys have a groovy day.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

Save Money - Read Me

Saturday, Dollar General is having ANOTHER get $5 off a $25 purchase.  You'll see on my last register slip that I got my balance down to a negative eight cents.  What fun I had.

Click Dollar General to print the $5 coupon.  

If you go, check out the clearance isle.  These vary from store to store, but that's how I snag some freebies.

Take those Kotex on the top.  They were clearanced for $2 and my coupon was for $2.  I was able to get four of those, which brought me $8 closer to hitting that $25 goal mark.

And that my lovely Boogerbutts, is how we stockpile goodies and keep money in the bank.  Or in our case, soon to be given toward a better car.  But I don't want to think about that, because it makes me break out into a rash. 

Meanwhile, dig me, I have the ENTIRE day off with Tim on Saturday.  Don't get a whole lot of those, so I'm excited.  

25 April 2013

Covered in Puppies

Woke to the big pup snuggled against me on my left and the other snuggled on Tim's empty pillow.  That was Bug.  She was holding my hand when I woke up.  She's a lot of trouble but boy oh boy, is she a little hand holder and snuggle bug.

Not a bad way to start the day.

And with that, I give you some of yesterday's finds.  Let's start with the freebie trip to Dollar Tree.   I never used these products but for a zero OOP (out of pocket), I'll give it a go.

After meeting Tim for lunch I stopped in Tops.  The organic carrots were a no go but I did manage to snag four bags of Fresh Express.  Never tried these either, but they paid me 11 cents to take each bag.

I applied the overage to Tim's favorite strawberry jam.  No coupon but it was marked $1.70 off, plus 11 cents overage and cheaper than both Wally and Weggy's.  So that works. 

I can't get that picture to set straight. It's fine in my folder, but gets wonky when I upload.

Got questions? Just ask.  Meanwhile, I started the search on cookery schools and asked Tim's mom to go car shopping with me.  That way we can have a fun day out, and then bring Timbo to see our final choices.

So upwards and onwards.  Today I don't feel defeated.  I don't feel real strong, but I don't feel so tired, either.

Stay tuned for my first cookery school brochure.

And lastly, our little trouble maker and hand holder.

24 April 2013


Still struggling to dig myself out of this funk-a-monk.  And I haven't even played with my new dividers that we bought at Staples yesterday.  And I haven't cleaned the house.

But Tim just called to see if I wanted to meet in a little while for our boxed lunch in the parking lot.  Those are always nice.  Plus the store there sells organic carrots and I have four coupons that will make each bag free.  I love free.

Free is good.  Free will help us save for that car that can take me to culinary school.  And I know in the end everything will be better.  But right now, I'm struggling.

Meanwhile, click Staples Coupons if you want to pay tax only on paper.  I haven't paid for coupon paper since the fall.  Plus Staples makes FANTASTIC coupon binders and dividers.

And if you're interested in free organic or cheap organic produce, click Earthbound Farm and register.  Seriously, one of the best places to get weekly veg/fruit coupons.

Note: Online coupon may read for a specific item but always prints for ANY.  And as always, I welcome coupon questions, either through email or here.

23 April 2013

Work Sucks

The new district manager has chopped our hours, and has us preppies on two different shifts during the week.  I got second shift and in prep cook terms that means I start at 11:30 in the morning.  Which is just weird.

On the upside, I get a buttload of stuff done in the mornings, at home.  On the downside, they're screwing with my pay. Which is why I left last time, but returned because I love the job and was promised 30+ hours.  Now, not so much.

I still love my job, but not so much this whole idea of playing with our schedule and taking away my pay.  But on the other upside, I'm spending more time saving money with coupons.

And Tim says if this whole hours chopped thing gets too bad, he's just gonna ship my ass to culinary school.  

18 April 2013

Dinkass Shift

After three productive days home, I so don't want to go back to work today.  But, bills don't pay themselves.  And I only have a dinkass shift.  Just going in to help salad bar with a party and then I'm off to CVS for some goodies.

Hope the shift whooshes by.

Meanwhile, here's another Free eCookery Book.  This time using almond flour/meal.  I make almond meal all the time and use it for my bakes.  Love the stuff.

In fact, I'm going to combine the garbanzo bean flour and the homemade almond meal, just too see what happens.

Time to pull my morning chicken bake out and get ready for my CVS trip.  Catch you Boogerbutts on the flip side.

17 April 2013


Dishes done, thanks to Tim helping me with the last batch.  Then I worked on DR-2 (draft 2), of my garbanzo bean flour and chocolate cookies.  This time using only chickpea flour, where before I cut it with brown pastry flour.

For me the cookie worked, for Tim it was a bit too bitter.

Just have to run to the corner Aldi for a big bag of potatoes for a buck.  A buck.  That's one smacker for a BIG bag.

Then a few other quick errands and right back home to finally work on buttload of coupon inserts.  16 are mine, the rest were given to me.  Bring on the savings.

Muhahaha ....

16 April 2013

FREE e-Cookery Books

Found these FREEBIES on Gluten Freely Frugal.  Click her link if you want to see the list of free eBooks.

Meanwhile, I've got a bunch of chores to do and I don't want to do any of them.  Not a one.  But if I can get my butt moving now, I might be done by supper.  Maybe.

And get this, I stopped in the doctor's office yesterday to give them freebie razors and they handed me another stack of coupon inserts.  Yesterday I didn't get to coupon, so I'm hoping once my chores are done, I can start clipping.

And for today's bake.  Probably use more garbanzo bean flour.  That's all from me.  Dogs are barking.

I might have to sell them on eBay.

15 April 2013

One Mean Cookie

Pop quiz.  What do chocolate and chick pea flour have to do with each other?  Ding, ding, ding.  Time's up.

They are two of the main ingredients in last night's bake.  Here's a shot of the cookie.  And oddly, it has a bit of a bite to it.  So now, I'm headed back to the lab to add some ginger and see if I can't get that to be one mean cookie.

And in couponing news, holy cow, I'm having fun.  Check out my stack of inserts.  That's 16 total, yeah baby.

Gonna have me some coupon clipping fun.

But first, off to meet Hubby in the parking lot downtown for lunch.  Nothing fancy, cold sandwiches, chips, homemade iced tea and a couple of these little guys.

And dig me, I don't go back to work until Thursday. 

Good texture from the garbanzo bean flour.
Though the flour itself has an odd taste.
Nutrition stuff.
And 16 Smart Source inserts.
Life is good.

04 April 2013

10 Years Together - Holy Crapiversary

Happy 4th of the Month - It's a Good Day
Dig us, tens years together.  Holy crap that went fast.  The fun thing is we both have four days off together.  The not so fun thing is, I'm not fully among the living, yet.

Soon though.  Downhill slide now.

And check out what Tim bought me.  Four Wonder Woman grocery bags.  And, he got them all for FREE.

Does he know me or what?

Hobby Lobby & Micheal's Coupons

Both good until this Sunday.  And in our area, JoAnn's, Micheal's and AC Moore accept competitors coupons. 

Click Hobby Lobby Coupon to print.
Click Micheal's Coupon to print.

01 April 2013

That's a No-Go

Just woke.  Still frickin' sick.  Called off.  Really was hoping to make peanut butter pie today.  Back to bed. 

This sucks.

And even though I was feeling a little stronger yesterday, there's no way I have the strength to get through the entire shift today.  Short as it is.

This dumb cold has got me all kinds of cranky. 

PS: At least I have enough boxes of tissues in my couponing stockpile of wonderfulness.  Mostly free, too.  That makes me a little less cranky.

But not by much.