17 April 2013


Dishes done, thanks to Tim helping me with the last batch.  Then I worked on DR-2 (draft 2), of my garbanzo bean flour and chocolate cookies.  This time using only chickpea flour, where before I cut it with brown pastry flour.

For me the cookie worked, for Tim it was a bit too bitter.

Just have to run to the corner Aldi for a big bag of potatoes for a buck.  A buck.  That's one smacker for a BIG bag.

Then a few other quick errands and right back home to finally work on buttload of coupon inserts.  16 are mine, the rest were given to me.  Bring on the savings.

Muhahaha ....


  1. Have fun cutting! Hopefully you won't cut those barcodes off, now that you got a good night's sleep. :)

  2. Stacy: Ack, I don't want to do that. I have before.

  3. Do you have something special for cutting coupons or just plain ol' scissors? :)

  4. Good luck with your coupons; that is a huge stack!

  5. What a stack of flyers. I usually just exchange with my stepson. He's a couponer after your heart.

  6. DEZMOND: I have a chopper/cutter thing. I did a post on it ages ago. Got it free with a coupon, back when I was a newbie.

    I also have kick-butt scissors for the stuff that is too long for my cutter.

    Alex: Happy stack.

    Talli: How goes the little baby? I bet you are busy, busy. Congrats and yeppers, that's one good pile of savings.

    mshatch: Thanks. I am home but still haven't got to do it yet. Just making a cuppa now. Then I play ....

    Susan: That is good to hear. Love us some savings.

  7. I so wish I could get into the habit of clipping coupons. Sounds like I would need some serious organizational skills though.

  8. Thanks, Whisk. Now you've got me craving mashed potatoes and gravy. LOL Maybe I need to pick up a roast and some green beans to go with it.

  9. Keepin: That's what I love about it, all organized and fun. It's like a giant puzzle on money making and saving fun.

    Adam: Very true. But not so much paying. Even better.

    Melanie: Thank you :-]

    Suzan: Ohhhh, now that does sound good. I had planned on roasted a full bird today but opted out. Instead we'll have breakfast. That way I can keep clipping until supper.

  10. I've never even heard of garbanzo bean flour!

  11. Wow, that's a major stack of inserts!