25 April 2013

Covered in Puppies

Woke to the big pup snuggled against me on my left and the other snuggled on Tim's empty pillow.  That was Bug.  She was holding my hand when I woke up.  She's a lot of trouble but boy oh boy, is she a little hand holder and snuggle bug.

Not a bad way to start the day.

And with that, I give you some of yesterday's finds.  Let's start with the freebie trip to Dollar Tree.   I never used these products but for a zero OOP (out of pocket), I'll give it a go.

After meeting Tim for lunch I stopped in Tops.  The organic carrots were a no go but I did manage to snag four bags of Fresh Express.  Never tried these either, but they paid me 11 cents to take each bag.

I applied the overage to Tim's favorite strawberry jam.  No coupon but it was marked $1.70 off, plus 11 cents overage and cheaper than both Wally and Weggy's.  So that works. 

I can't get that picture to set straight. It's fine in my folder, but gets wonky when I upload.

Got questions? Just ask.  Meanwhile, I started the search on cookery schools and asked Tim's mom to go car shopping with me.  That way we can have a fun day out, and then bring Timbo to see our final choices.

So upwards and onwards.  Today I don't feel defeated.  I don't feel real strong, but I don't feel so tired, either.

Stay tuned for my first cookery school brochure.

And lastly, our little trouble maker and hand holder.


  1. Keep plugging...good things are coming your way!

  2. Kris: Thanks :-)

    Alex: No more jail bird. In fact, Bug just went back to bed.

  3. I just want to kiss that little Bug right on her cute little nose! Culinary school really does sound like just the thing for you :)

  4. mshatch: I do all the time. She's so flipping cute. And this morning, tucked in and holding my hand when I woke. TOO CUTE.

  5. Fructis shampoos have lovely smell!

  6. DEZMOND: It really does. And it was free. Can't get over that. Even after a year plus of doing this. Just amazes me.

  7. You do know how to spend the dosh!!!

  8. You're the Coupon Queen!!

    Give your pups a kiss from me!

  9. Exciting news about the cookery schools :)

  10. LOL That sounds like our previous beagle. Nothing like puppy snuggles in the morning.

    And I think you'll be pleased with your Softsoap purchases. Thay smell wonderful!

  11. I've used all those brands and they're good! Savvy couponing on your part!

  12. The dogs figure that being good snugglers makes up for those times when they're misbehaving themselves...

  13. Waking to snuggle pups is always a good way to start a day!

  14. Stacy: Will do.

    Tim: Does sound fun.

    Suzan: Bug is part beagle, and all trouble. Neat about the soap. Think I'll go coconut first.

    Debra: Now if I can only find a coupon for a car and school ...

    William: It does indeed.

    Bard: Hard to be cranky when a little pup is holding my hand.

  15. Cookery school and a new car. Sounds like a good day.

  16. Susan: I may break out in a rash. The money, the money. Oy.

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    Looking forward to read about your cookery school.

    Have a great week ahead.