24 April 2013


Still struggling to dig myself out of this funk-a-monk.  And I haven't even played with my new dividers that we bought at Staples yesterday.  And I haven't cleaned the house.

But Tim just called to see if I wanted to meet in a little while for our boxed lunch in the parking lot.  Those are always nice.  Plus the store there sells organic carrots and I have four coupons that will make each bag free.  I love free.

Free is good.  Free will help us save for that car that can take me to culinary school.  And I know in the end everything will be better.  But right now, I'm struggling.

Meanwhile, click Staples Coupons if you want to pay tax only on paper.  I haven't paid for coupon paper since the fall.  Plus Staples makes FANTASTIC coupon binders and dividers.

And if you're interested in free organic or cheap organic produce, click Earthbound Farm and register.  Seriously, one of the best places to get weekly veg/fruit coupons.

Note: Online coupon may read for a specific item but always prints for ANY.  And as always, I welcome coupon questions, either through email or here.


  1. Hope having lunch with Tim cheers you up!

  2. too bad they don't issue coupons for new cars :)

  3. Funk the funk out, funks can be such arse water!

  4. *waving carrot in air* Begone, Funk-a-Monk! Funk off!

  5. Alex: It's good stuff.

    DEZMOND: Would love that.

    Fran & Debra: Hahahaha. You both cracked me up. Thanks for that.

    Feeling much better.

  6. Sorry to hear they are messing with your hours at work. :(

  7. Hang in there Whisk. I hope you cheer up soon!

  8. Lunch with your sweetie always makes for a nice day!

  9. Adam: No Staples or Kmart? Boy, that's just wrong. So sorry.

    Stacy: It really does.

  10. Thanks for the resources and coupon info. I agree that free is really good.

    Hang in there. Keep faith and a stash of chocolate.