27 April 2013

Save Money - Read Me

Saturday, Dollar General is having ANOTHER get $5 off a $25 purchase.  You'll see on my last register slip that I got my balance down to a negative eight cents.  What fun I had.

Click Dollar General to print the $5 coupon.  

If you go, check out the clearance isle.  These vary from store to store, but that's how I snag some freebies.

Take those Kotex on the top.  They were clearanced for $2 and my coupon was for $2.  I was able to get four of those, which brought me $8 closer to hitting that $25 goal mark.

And that my lovely Boogerbutts, is how we stockpile goodies and keep money in the bank.  Or in our case, soon to be given toward a better car.  But I don't want to think about that, because it makes me break out into a rash. 

Meanwhile, dig me, I have the ENTIRE day off with Tim on Saturday.  Don't get a whole lot of those, so I'm excited.  


  1. Great job, oh Golden One. You must teach me your ways ;) Have fun with Tim tomorrow and happy shopping!

  2. You are the sales and coupon queen!

  3. Alex: I have to get better at this couponing thing, if I want to get to cookery school. Because that's one honking coupon, I don't have. Same goes for the car to drive me there.

    I feel a rash coming on.

  4. Maybe you better be stocking up with some moisturizers - you know, for that rash! :) Sorry, couldn't resist.

    But go you on the couponing!

  5. Stacy: It's funny because it's true :-)

  6. My local DG does this every week as well. I need more Pepsi and I could use a bag of candy as well. Gotta go as I'm getting hungry.

  7. Adam: Love the clearance.

    Fran: I'm trying.

    Ray: Free is good.

    Anne: I missed their double weekend last week.

  8. I need me some free tampons too LOL :)

  9. Enjoy your day off. That new car will be in the drive way soon.

  10. DEZMOND: Do you have stores like this in your area? Dollar Trees, Dollar Generals and all that stuff?

    mshatch: I am. It's so nice. And no snow. Gotta get out there and take some spring photos soon. Change up my banner.

    Susan: Whew. That would be groovy.

  11. Greetings to The Happy Whisk,

    If only we had such a store in lil' ol' England.

    In our local supermarket, I read a label that said, "New improved tampons." I certainly hope they were "new".

    Well, at least we have buy one comment, get one free, over here...

    A peaceful weekend to you and thanks for your comment and the link into my shy, humble site.


  12. klahanie: Alex does a good job spotlighting blogs. Glad he did yours. Loved the little pup award. That was great fun. Welcome to my blog as well. We have a mix here and a real good bunch of Boogerbutts.

  13. I love looking at that receipt! Fantastic savings! Good for you! :)

  14. You are the mistress of savings!