15 April 2013

One Mean Cookie

Pop quiz.  What do chocolate and chick pea flour have to do with each other?  Ding, ding, ding.  Time's up.

They are two of the main ingredients in last night's bake.  Here's a shot of the cookie.  And oddly, it has a bit of a bite to it.  So now, I'm headed back to the lab to add some ginger and see if I can't get that to be one mean cookie.

And in couponing news, holy cow, I'm having fun.  Check out my stack of inserts.  That's 16 total, yeah baby.

Gonna have me some coupon clipping fun.

But first, off to meet Hubby in the parking lot downtown for lunch.  Nothing fancy, cold sandwiches, chips, homemade iced tea and a couple of these little guys.

And dig me, I don't go back to work until Thursday. 

Good texture from the garbanzo bean flour.
Though the flour itself has an odd taste.
Nutrition stuff.
And 16 Smart Source inserts.
Life is good.


  1. Sounds like you're back to fightin' fitness. Good to have you back, Whisk ;)

  2. Those look like very tasty gingersnaps. Glad you're back to fighting fitness!

  3. How interesting! I'd never have thought to use chickpea flour in a cookie recipe. But chickpea flour is quite dense, it could work quite well.



  4. can that flour be used for falafel too?

  5. Tim: Not in full form but MUCH better. Thanks.

    Alex: Maybe I'll name them Chocolate Zingers.

    Suzan: They have that look but are soft. Thanks. Not in full form but doing MUCH better.

    This thing really holds on.

    Jai: Made for a soft cookie with a bit of a bite. Pretty fun stuff to play with. I mixed it with organic brown pastry flour.

    DEZMOND: I had to Google those. Never ate one. But I say give it a go. That's the fun of baking.

  6. Cookies look good, but when you say "bite," just what do you mean?

  7. Stacy: It's got a bit of a kick to it. A little heat, almost. Sorta. Just a bit different but might work real well with ginger.

  8. Those cookies look delicious! Yum!

  9. I've been collecting some receipes using this flour. They look yummy when you make them.

  10. Hi Happy Whisk, how you doing? The cookies look addictive, great to go with tea or coffee. I don't mind to have half a dozen, please.:)

    Take care, enjoy your break before you go back to work. Have a nice week ahead.

  11. Ooh, those cookies look delicious!

  12. Bard: It wasn't bad, a little weird though.

    Susan: It's fun to play with different flours. Have you tried making almond flour at home? Love working with it.

    Amelia: I am a little run down but overall MUCH better. Thanks. Half a dozen teleporting to you now.

    mshatch: They were a little weird but still good. Doing a rewrite this week. Maybe today.

    Adam: Do you bake? So fun.

  13. Maybe with molasses? Molasses cookies are my favorite, except when chocolate cookies are my favorite. Except, when peanut butter cookies are my favorite. Except, when Christmas sugar cookies are my favorite. Anyway, do you think Molasses would work or too much bite (Molasses always strikes me as sweet with a bit of bitter and heat).

  14. Ken: I think molasses would be great fun to use with the chick pea flour. Thanks for the idea.

  15. Those cookies look great! I will have to try chick pea flour - sounds good.

  16. I use besan (chana daal flour, taste slightly different from chickpea flour)a lot in my cooking but never thought of making cookies with it and too with chocolate.Amazing!!!I know they would taste wonderful because we use this flour in making sweets.

  17. Jen: For us it has a stronger more bitter taste. Though I like bitter over sugary.

    Balvinder: The garbanzo bean (chickpea), flour had a slight bitter taste after baked. But I would use it again, maybe next time with a dark chocolate and coconut mix.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  18. You were super quick. I am not sure how garbanzo flour would affect in baking but I always roast strong tasting flour before using. such as Quinoa and besan.

  19. Balvinder: When I use the garbanzo without cutting it with brown pastry flour, it gave the cookie a more bendy chewy element.

    I rather liked that.

    Yes, I was online working on coupon deals when your comment came through.

  20. I love the photo of the coupons. Very cool! :D