21 December 2018

Armed & Dangerous

I'm zero focused today because I've got a case of the wiggle worms. It's a serious condition brought on by eating too many candy canes on the Friday before Christmas. I'm told, there is no cure and that I just have to ride it out.

Symptoms include ...

Inability to focus on edits. 
Not being able to sit still long enough to edit.
Not wanting to edit and ...
Velcro-ing elf ears on the pups.

If you see someone with this rabid condition, do not approach the subject. Warning, do not approach. Subject is armed with Christmas lights and considered dangerous.

13 December 2018

Friday Question (now with more onions)

I'm pooped. I spent today (it's Wednesday night as I write this), editing my eyes are burning. Tomorrow, I'm unplugging for the day and I'm finally gonna dealing with the tools. We have a second bathtub, we don't use. So we store stuff in there. Well, it's time for the circular saw and drills to say goodbye until spring.

In other news, I tossed a bunch of un-peeled onions in an air fryer and guess what I ended up with? A chutney/relish spicy goodness. If you fancy onions, please have a look.

PS: Friday Question. Guess how many times I've used my new Vitamix so far?

Three dead spiders and a cup of pickle juice is you get it wrong. Two snowballs and cupcake if you get it right. Only thing is, I'm not gonna tell ya' what I made the cupcake out of.

Insert evil grin, here.

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06 December 2018


My new Vitamix is almost here and I'm jumping out of my skin. Tim just texted me an image of the box (he's in town during his work day and picked the Vitamix up at the post). He should be home soon. My first Vitamix!


In other news, apologies for taking too long answer everyone back from last Thursday. I like to do it within 24-48 hours.

In other, OTHER news, I went to Wally and bought all the same clothes to wear throughout the entire winter. If you want to hear more about it, I've dropped the short podcast link below. It's the cast titled, Fred Flintstone by The Happy Whisk.

I tell ya, it's only day one of it but so far, I love it. Gonna try it for the full winter to see how it goes. And that means, this weekend, I get to ditch all my ratty old, badly beaten up, hole-filled, food/paint-stained clothes.

Insert happy face here.


Fred Flintstone by The Happy Whisk (podcast link)

I'm also at anchor.fm/TheHappyWhisk (and on iTunes).

Or .... check out how I air-fry raw peanuts and roast red peppers (be warned, some called the roasted pepper video gross). That's okay with me, because I flippin' LOVE my air fry oven.