29 November 2017

144 SUBS & NEW LAB (hot dog!)

Hey Guys! Guess what? We ordered my new kitchen/lab which means overhead videos and a HUGE toy shelf for my baking stuff. Best part, we paid for the entire lot from change that we saved during the year.

How flippin' cool is that?

PS: Videos & groovy links, below.

PPS: Check out these YouTubers for more air frying fun!

08 November 2017

RENO UPDATE (almost done)

Hello Boogerbutts. It's day 5 of our staycation (whoosh). The video below is where we left off last night.  Today, a wee bit more and then TIM MOVES INTO HIS NEW ROOM.

To think, this started last year, when I wanted a home for a white box. So I decluttered.  And now ... a new room.

Been a LONG HAUL. Lots of setbacks but totally flippin' worth it.

I give you, the new floor. Along with Grandpa's fried spaghetti.

Thanks for watching and boogie boogie.

03 November 2017

10-DAY STAYCATION (count'em 10 days!)


Hello Boogerbutts and welcome to another Friday Question. I learned how to convert HD to SD video, which makes a big file, smaller and easier to upload native to Blogger. Hot dog. I'm learning.

Friday Question: What Am I?