18 March 2016

Friday Question: What Am I?



14 March 2016

Is That a Banana Cake? Or a Video Camera?

Today I turned on the camera and shot video. Basically me yapping about food. Like there's not enough food in my life, I should feel the need to do videos.  But I do, so there you go. That said, my face was blurry, couldn't hear me (too well), and I forgot lots and lots of words. But that's okay, it's a step forward.

I'll happily take it.

As for today's labs, waffles in the morning and as type this blog, bakes a first draft of a banana oat cake.  Smells good, but I won't know until she cools down.

Either way, this concludes my lab work for the afternoon, as well as this post.  Thanks for reading and as usual, I'll catch your blogs on the weekend.

Have a yummy day and boogie boogie.

12 March 2016

Bananas, Oats & ANTswer

I just pulled another lab from the oven. Banana Oat Bars (draft one). I love developing formulas. And soon enough, I'll be sharing them on my new website.

But not today.

Today, it's sunny, bright and oh by golly, another spring day. Below is how far I've gotten on the bed. I can only do a wee bit each day but I'll take it because this time last year, I was too weak. This year, I'm making up for lost time.

The answer to Friday's Question: Creamer in Tim's coffee. Dehydrated ants to EVERYONE who commented.

That's all folks. Happy Weekend!

11 March 2016

Friday Question: Ewwww - What Am I?

So this happened and I grabbed my camera.
I promise, it's not poo bits.

08 March 2016

Waffles, Beans & Seeds (oh my)

Today, I'm all about waffles. I wrote a first draft for a bean and seed waffle mix, it's cooking as I type. More on that another time. As for yesterday, that was extra special because I got to start my garden AND eat homemade Lemon & Banana Frozen Yum, outside!

Hello Spring!

That's about all from me. I'll be around on the weekend to read your blogs. Thanks for stopping by and HAPPY SPRING! Or AUTUMN, for my fall friends.

Upcoming Garden (started yesterday)

06 March 2016

Zombie Head Giveaway

It's about the end of the weekend for us, but still too early to close the lids on our coffins. But it's nearly closing time at Barnes and that means, home to toss a bird into the oven with a side of baby potatoes and mixed greens.


What are you eating? Something yummy, I hope.

As for Friday's Question, a round of zombie heads for all who played. The answers were: walnut, raisin, cacao and homemade psyllium powder.

Thanks for playing and have a yummy night.

04 March 2016

Friday Question: What Are We?

Hello Boogerbutts!

I'm done prepping ingredients for my next lab and before I toss them together to make the most yummy cookie in the history of ever, I snapped a few shots. Tell us what these are and win a decapitated zombie head and a broken roller skate.

Enjoy & Happy Weekend.