31 July 2012

My First Battle Scar

Yesterday I got my first pizza shoppe battle scar.  Do you know what other cooks do when one cook gets injured? They say congratulations and swap battle scar stories. 

Show & tell, style.

But that was yesterday.  Today I have the whole honkin' day off.  My big plans include not getting dressed, being lazy and eating the best grilled cheese sandwich on earth.

Today I used organic cayenne for my grilled cheese crust.  So so good.  And dig this, you can print coupons for Simply Organic products by clicking Simply Organic.

You Boogerbutts have a good one.

PS: I would have shown you a picture of the grilled cheese but it's already in my belly, and nobody needs to see that.

04 July 2012

Fart Bubbles

My pizza making skills have improved.  Hardly any fart bubbles in the pies that I made today.  There were a few, one was a real honker, but other than that, I'm progressing.

Go me.  Rah.

And check out what I got on the ride home.  After I handed the lady my coupons, she opened the register and paid me 13 cents to take the items out of store.

Hot dog.

Check out my 13 cents.  I still can't believe that they paid me.

03 July 2012


It's buy it WITHOUT a coupon, good.

02 July 2012

Ice Pups

The manager at the pet store told me how she stuffs canned Blue dog food into Kong toys, and lets it set for 24 hours in the freezer.  Since I received three FREE cans, I gave it a go.  And she was right, 24 hours and that stuff was solid.  Took both pups and hour to finish their frozen treat.

I also made more ice treats, using the cavity pan that I usually bake doggy biscuits, in.  It's very easy.  Just a little canned food, some flour a bit of water and bam, easy to work with doggy dough.  I like the Blue canned, the best.  As and added bonus, it doesn't stink the kitchen while it bakes.

And the dough is fun to play with.

But no biscuits today, just ice pups.  Meanwhile for me, I'm groovin' on a Tim Horton's blended caramel iced cappuccino.  And looky here, it's four in the afternoon and I'm already home from work and in my jams.

Life is good.

These are Kong toys, filled with wet dog food, and frozen solid.
These are great cavity pans, filled with water and solid dog food.

And here's the flip side with fun grooves.
 I love kitchen toys.