04 July 2012

Fart Bubbles

My pizza making skills have improved.  Hardly any fart bubbles in the pies that I made today.  There were a few, one was a real honker, but other than that, I'm progressing.

Go me.  Rah.

And check out what I got on the ride home.  After I handed the lady my coupons, she opened the register and paid me 13 cents to take the items out of store.

Hot dog.

Check out my 13 cents.  I still can't believe that they paid me.


  1. The coupon queen strikes again, great name though!

  2. Lurker: Welcome back to blogging. You've been missed.

  3. Next time I go to my local pizzeria:

    "I'll a have a 14" veggie -- but hold the fart bubbles."

    Of course, now I know what that strange aftertaste is...

  4. Bard: Hahaha, well you know, it's the technical term.

  5. Fart bubbles? I don't think I want to say what I thought your post was going to be about!

    And I can't believe the store paid you, either. That's pretty cool. Go you!

  6. Rock on! Couponing is fun and profitable.

  7. Stacy: Oh, but now I gotta know what you thought it was.

    Happy Almost Weekend :-)

    Maurice: We are saving for a house and/or land. Hope you're having a good week.

  8. They had a technical term for those?