06 July 2012

Wonder Woman Potato


  1. I wonder about potatoes a lot.

  2. That is all kinds of awesome!

  3. Adorable and fun!

  4. OK I have to give it to you, that is funny.


  5. THE best Mrs. Potato Head costume EVAH!

  6. Ha, this is awesome! Hope you're having a great weekend, and a great July!

  7. Love the potato! Happy Summer to you, too!

  8. hahaha so cool. I love Mr Potato on Toy Story.

    It's been like a week of spring weather here. Super duper frosts though. But it's all gunna change tomo. Mucky rain coming. I noticed daffodils popping up in the garden. They seem to get earlier each year.

  9. Alex: And dig them red boots.

    bliss: Nice to see you. Hope all is well. And I wonder about potatoes, as well.

    Tim: There's a Spidey one out as well.

    BRENDAN: Yeppers, yeppers.

    Lurker: Do you have Potato heads by you?

    Ray: It cracks me up. Good luck with your contest.

    mshatch: I might get two.

    Stacy: I know, right. So much fun.

    Ian: Glad to make you laugh.

    Bard: She rocks.

    Suzan: Evah!

    alexia: Hope yours is fun as well. Thanks.

    Daisey: Thanks and boogie boogie.

    William: Good stuff, good stuff.

    Niki: Our winter last year was more like spring. Love daffodils. And it always cracks me up when the squirrels move the bulbs.

  10. That's hilarious. They should have a picture of it lassoing Mr. Potatohead.

  11. Maurice: She could do it, too.

    RaShelle: Your new hairstyle is fantastic. Beautiful, beautiful.

  12. Awesome with a side of awesome sauce. I just finished catching up on you blog. Girl, you've been busy! Glad the pizza shoppe gig is going well as is the coupnoning. you should do a post on how to the store to pay you for items...or at least share that one with me!!!

    Stay groovy.

  13. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!! 8-)

  14. Too adorable for words! Smiling is what I'm doing.

    Cheers, Jenny

  15. I'm back and still loving your posts!

  16. Lori: When I do that post, I'll send you an email. Do you have a Wallmart by you? Or any stores that pay overage? If so, it's a great way to get some money back.

    Just use a coupon that is worth more than the item and bang, Walmart will either apply the overage to the rest of your order, or give you the cash back.

    Mo D: That potato makes me happy.

    Pearson: Cheers back.

    Denise: So great to see you. Are you blogging again? Last I checked your blog went missing.

    Welcome back.

    AguiLeon: Wonder Woman is very cool. Cheers.