30 December 2010

Who's got the best fridge?

I do.  I do.  I do.  And while these photos don't do Ethel justice, I wanted you to meet her. 

Meanwhile, I've answered the Wonder Woman Wednesday Quiz 4. Thanks to all who played. It was a great deal of fun.

Until next time, Happy Eating.
Ethel says hello.
Meanwhile, Tim's gonna need clearance to get in.
Along with one of those swipee cards on Bones.
And maybe even an eye scan.

29 December 2010

Wonder Woman Quiz 4

On the television show staring Lynda Carter, all the Amazon girls want to escort this character back to his home.  Name the character and the island he landed on.  For additional xp plus 2 sleep spells, tell me his middle name.

For the custom-fit platemail, answer me this.  In order to decide which girl gets to escort said character home, they must participated in a tournament of athletic games.  After the events of the tournament are tallied, two Amazons are tied for the honor.  There is only one way to break the deadlock.

What is it?   


Turns out it's been 2 weeks without a fridge (not frig), and not 12 days.  So, I can't spell and I can't add but I can bake.  And look at what I have today, foldovers.

Pepperoni with homemade sauce and cheese-filled pizza dough, folded over and sealed in.  To freeze these bad boys, slightly under cook, cool completely and wrap tight. Oven reheat in foil, from frozen or thawed.

They're easy, fun and yummy.  What's not to love?

I'll be back later today with the latest Wonder Woman Wednesday Quiz and another shot at that custom-fit platelmail. Until then, Happy Eating.

28 December 2010

2 Weeks without a Fridge

I've had a good time with this culinary challenge. And my reward, a brand new fridge for Christmas. She should be here later this afternoon.  Her name is Ethel and she's beautiful.

Meanwhile, here's our outdoor fridge. Thankfully, the stairs are packed with snow, so no critters got in our food.  But ... I did have to keep watch for the Scary Snow Monster.

Good thing I grew more ice wands.

Little Pink Sock

26 December 2010

Candied Ginger

Hey Guys: I made candied ginger today.  I'm still playing around with the formula, but here's what I have so far.

Simmer water, sugar and ginger until tender. Toss drained ginger in a bowl and coat with more sugar. Cool on wire rack.

Enjoy and Happy Eating.

This is Me

Dressed for the holidays.
And reading from the couch.

25 December 2010

Red Shirt Christmas

I took this comic from Flea's Hero Press blog. I'm going to make a batch of these for Tim because they crack me up.

Enjoy and Happy Eating.

24 December 2010

Wonder Woman vs. Boobs

As of this writing, the Wonder Woman Wednesday Quiz beats Boobs by 48 points. Take that Boobs.

23 December 2010


I just wanted to see what would happen is I titled my post, Boobs. Tim said I would get a billion hits, and that he would gladly do the research. So after I vetoed 347 pictures (he was very dedicated to his research), he gave me this.


For those who played yesterday, click to read the Wonder Woman Wednesday Quiz Results.

22 December 2010

Wonder Woman Quiz 3

Gamers: For 1,000 XP, name the character dressed as Wonder Woman. To double the award, plus win custom fit plate mail, tell us what this character does at the very end of the show. 

Norms: For 1,000 free snowballs, name the character dressed as Wonder Woman.  To double the award, plus win the Super Duper Snowball Machine, tell us what this character does at the very end of the show.

Good luck and I'll be back tomorrow with the winning answer.

21 December 2010

Life is Good

Hello Guys: It's the first day of winter here and while we're celebrating the Winter Solstice, some of my blogger buddies are celebrating the first day of summer.

Happy Winter. Happy Summer. Enjoy your day, whichever the solstice.

Meanwhile, time to brush off the cars and get rolling. Tim and I are working the same shift today, so we'll both be home for supper. Tonight, it's Pizza Villa, Eureka and Tim.

Life is good.

20 December 2010

Christmas Candy Corn

I didn't even know they made these things. Found them at the market and I'm putting them on Tim's desk for when he games online tonight. 

19 December 2010

Cold Shrimp Spread

Hey Guys,

Here's a cold shrimp spread I mixed together with soft cream cheese, raw ginger and chopped cold shrimp.  I added a few extra shrimps and slices of raw ginger on the side, just for extra yumminess.

So simple.  So good.

17 December 2010


I love these shirts. They crack me up. To find other zombie gifts and shirts for women click: Zazzle or go to: Cafe Press.

Enjoy and Happy Zombie Hunting.

16 December 2010

Pink Slippers

This is pretty much how I looked most of yesterday. And, we're growing more magic ice wands. Good thing too, because I lost the last one against the Scary Snow Monster.
Day Look
Night Look
Magic Ice Wands

15 December 2010

Finished Edits

Hot dog.  I finished the edits and rewrites on draft 6 of my manuscript.  Now, I get to go do whatever the heck I want with the rest of my day. 

Life is good.

14 December 2010

Snowball Fight

Christian, I'm throwing extra snowballs at you today.  Take that, Mister Surfer Dude.  Ha.

11 December 2010

2 Months and 80 Readers

Here's some snowmen comics to celebrate 2 months of blogging and 80 Readers.  Enjoy.

10 December 2010

Snack Time

I'm grooving on these store-bought honey roasted peanuts with cashews.  For not being homemade, they are pretty darn good.  And messy.  Two of my favorite things.
What's in your snack bowl?

09 December 2010

Snow Monster Attacks

The snow monster's hand approaches.
Magic ice wand for defeating the scary creature.
In the morning, after the great battle, this was all that remained of the snow monster.

08 December 2010

How many pizzelles did Tim get?

This many.
Total Count: 304

Wonder Woman Wednesday

Name her real identity.
A must have for every girl's closet.

07 December 2010

Lasagna for Breakfast

This was the first time I tasted my own meat lasagna.

And you know what? It was yummy.

06 December 2010

Snow Day

We have buckets of snow and I am off from work today.  It's after nine in the morning and I'm not even out of my jams yet.  That's right.  I'm having a snow day.  It's fantastic.

Today, I'm making many many batches of pizzelles for both Tim's job tomorrow, my job and then we can't leave out Sir Timothy himself.  In fact, he gets his own jar filled with almond pizzelles, dusted with powered sugar.

But first, time to fill my Wonder Woman mug with something warm, eat a double fiber muffin with cream cheese and smoked salmon. 

This is a very good day.  Hope you enjoy yours as well.

03 December 2010

Calvin and Pomegranates

Here's another Calvin.  Also, I really dig these pomegranate shots.  I kept eating the seeds during shooting.

Nom nom nom.

Bad photographer.