26 December 2010

Candied Ginger

Hey Guys: I made candied ginger today.  I'm still playing around with the formula, but here's what I have so far.

Simmer water, sugar and ginger until tender. Toss drained ginger in a bowl and coat with more sugar. Cool on wire rack.

Enjoy and Happy Eating.


  1. Wow your cooking looks wonderful! Even after all the food I've eaten over the holiday it makes me want more.

    Happy holiday to you and yours,

  2. That looks delicious! I like the shadows mingling between the photographed items as well as the angle you took the shot :)

  3. Hi Jamara. I like your little picture, there. Very cool looking.

    That was by accident, Bartender. I didn't have anymore light from out back (where I like to shoot).

    Well ... time to get ready for work. Happy Eating Guys.

  4. Hi, I love your blog. I hope your week is great. Cheers~

  5. The formula looks plenty good enough even now.

  6. That reminds me of an interview with Lawrence Olivier.

    The presenter said to Olivier:"That was ingenius the way you filmed Hamlet in black and white-very dramatic. Where did you get the idea from?"

    Olivier replied:"I couldn't afford colour!"

  7. That reminds me of George Lucas and Star Wars.

    Funny enough also an anecdote from Alec Guinness, about going hungry for days and being offered money by Gielgud in lieu of a job. Guinness turned it down because he was terrified of getting into debt, then by luck found a play, and then bumped into the man making the decisions and got a job anyway. From pennies...

  8. Thanks, Nancy. I'm having fun with this.

    Still more batches to test, Porky. These didn't gel quite right. Though they did work great in my hot ginger peach tea, this morning.

    Bartender. That is a good one. I tell ya, lots of stuff happens that way and I love it.

    This is great, Porky. Comments on comments. That's pretty cool. I like this blogging thing.

    Thanks Guys and Happy Eating.