06 December 2010

Snow Day

We have buckets of snow and I am off from work today.  It's after nine in the morning and I'm not even out of my jams yet.  That's right.  I'm having a snow day.  It's fantastic.

Today, I'm making many many batches of pizzelles for both Tim's job tomorrow, my job and then we can't leave out Sir Timothy himself.  In fact, he gets his own jar filled with almond pizzelles, dusted with powered sugar.

But first, time to fill my Wonder Woman mug with something warm, eat a double fiber muffin with cream cheese and smoked salmon. 

This is a very good day.  Hope you enjoy yours as well.


  1. I miss snow, there is none in the south.

  2. I'm sorry to hear there is no snow. I could ship you some. We have plenty.

  3. For me, 'snow days' mean 'shoveling days.' We've already gotten more snow this year than we did all last winter combined, which has had me shoveling the driveway two or three times a day.

    I tell my wife to dial 9-1, and if she sees me collapse in the driveway, dial 1 again.

  4. Hi Sean: We have a lot of shoveling, here too. I enjoy the exercise of it but because of the pinched nerves, Tim won't let me anywhere near a shovel.

    Last year we bought our first snow blower. It's very cool. Got it on sale, toward the end of the season.

    But I miss those days when I'd shovel for hours, with Nickelback or Theory playing in my iPod.

    Well ... it's a little after 10:30 in the morning. Think I'll get dressed now. This is my first real snow day, where I don't have to leave the house.

    Ah ... life is good.

  5. Hi, Whisk!

    I guess this comes down more to the method of storage than recipe, but are you a chewy pizzelle or a crisp pizzelle fan?

  6. Hi Biopunk. I like mine crisp and clean tasting. To keep crisp, I store three in a sealed baggie, and then those baggies go into a closed clear jar.

    Tim keeps the jar by his desk and when he can see through that jar, it's time to make more.

    How about you? Crisp or chewy?

  7. Usually crisp, but I had a chewy anise-flavoured one last week that made reconsider my pizzelle options.

    Happy "ironing"!

  8. Tim's step dad loves the anise ones. That's what I make him. Tim gets almond and the girls at work get vanilla.

    Once I made lemon icing for lemon pizzelles. The icing was amazing but made the pizzelle chewy. So I used the lemon as a dipping sauce. Oh my gosh. The flavor - just fantastic.

    Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for the happy ironing, wishes.

  9. I need a good snow day!! Any excuse to not have to go to work during the week is a bonus! So, hope you thoroughly enjoy yours - (plus, isn't it just beautiful when you have that much snow covering everything?) And yum! Pizzelles..... :)

  10. Oh yeah, I love it. I was scheduled for the day off, so it all worked out great. Stayed in my pajamas for a good long time. Watched Lucy on DVD, ate great food.

    It's a good day, here at the ranch.

    How's the writing going?

  11. Nope. So far, strictly an Internet Commenter.

    And sometimes a Follower. :)

  12. Hi biopunk: Thanks for joining. So great to have you. If you ever fancy yourself a blog, please let me know.

  13. Ah...snow. I really thought we would get some over the weekend. But even in the mountains, here in the South we're relegated to just bitter cold and high blue skies.

    I've resigned myself today to just drink coffee and watch the deer devastate whatever remains of my garden.

    Hope you have a great one!

  14. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear about the garden. Though the blue skies sound nice. Bitter cold ... burr.

    Batch one of pizzelles done. Back to the lab for some more pizzelle making fun.

    Thanks for the drop in.

  15. I only like snow when I can have a snow day. THose pizzelle things sound really good. Maybe I'll go home and bake, actually probably not, but it sounded like a good idea.

  16. If I'm lucky, we get a Snow Day once a year! Enjoy. :)

  17. Oo, I made pizzelle today too, chocolate flavored. No snow here yet, but they say maybe tomorrow.

  18. Yum. Love chocolate ones. I like to add a bit of coffee to the batter. So good. Though for those I don't like powdered sugar.

    Happy Cooking, Holly. Nice to see you again.

  19. I'm one of the few people that absolutely hates snow :(... But I USED to love it... I just can't handle the cold weather anymore.

    Okay.. I take it all back... I love snow.. I just don't love being out in it unless I'm going for a tobaggon ride or making a snow man! :D