08 December 2010

Wonder Woman Wednesday

Name her real identity.
A must have for every girl's closet.


  1. I was going to say Laura Bush/Celine Dion

  2. Hello, new follower. I am looking forward to going through your blog and finding some good food. Wonder Woman is my favorite. You're so much fun!

    Thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog.

  3. Awesome idea for a feature. My wife should love it (she's also a WW fan).

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, too!

  4. Hey Dungeonmum: Thanks for the guess. It was fun posting this.

    Hi Patricia: I am joined to your blog as well. Thanks for the drop-in and the nice words.

    Hey There Lord Gwydion: You're welcome on the birthday wishes. Did you see Sheldon dressed as Wonder Woman?


    I don't know how to activate the link in a message box, but I did another Wonder Woman Wednesday with Sheldon.

    Thanks everyone. Great to see you.

  5. hey Wonder Woman I've been seeing you around too, I did not know Roz had been acting that long. i love baking, writing and photography too so we will definitely be good blogging buddies.

  6. Hi Joanna. Nice that we connected. Be great talking with you. Thanks for the drop-in and the join.

    It's nearly time for me to shuffle off to the shop. Cold here today. Tons of snow. I go in early today, but I get off early too. Woohoo.

    Happy Writing :-)