29 December 2010

Wonder Woman Quiz 4

On the television show staring Lynda Carter, all the Amazon girls want to escort this character back to his home.  Name the character and the island he landed on.  For additional xp plus 2 sleep spells, tell me his middle name.

For the custom-fit platemail, answer me this.  In order to decide which girl gets to escort said character home, they must participated in a tournament of athletic games.  After the events of the tournament are tallied, two Amazons are tied for the honor.  There is only one way to break the deadlock.

What is it?   


  1. I think they're on Amazon Island and the crashed pilot is Col. Steve Trevor.

    As for the final contest, wasn't it some kind of spear throwing thingy?

  2. Awesome questions, but I have no idea even though I loved that show as a kid.

  3. Isn't it the bullets and bracelets test? I should know as I only watched it last month, but I'm not actually that sure...

  4. Oh and the island is Themiscyra (aka Paradise Island?), isn't it?

  5. Pass on the first, but it doesn't seem such a bad island to land on. The second looks cryptic:

    "For additional xp plus 2 sleep spells, tell me his middle name."

    Is it xpxpxpxpxpzz?

    As for the third, it looks like one of them might already have got what she wanted, to judge by the lipstick mark on his cheek. Did she win by default?

  6. Themiscyra Island indeed, but then I'm reading the series. I don't know what his middle name is...

    I'll chance it and suggest the third question relates to cannibalism.

  7. The pilot was Steve Trevor and the island was Paradise Island and the tie breaker was who could watch the most GILIGAN ISLAND rerun without hurling (actually it is the Bullets and Bracelets challenge.) As for the middle name, I have no clue. This was fun, Roland

  8. Not a clue! I always appreciated Linda Carter's anti-anorexic look at a time when skinny was becoming too cool.

  9. it's the tales of the gold monkey, where pirate pete and his sidekick marv... as they travel from place to place in a flying balloon that has a time machine built into, where the save the world one episode at a time. ohhh yeah.. they are rock stars from another planet, like superman... but without all the powers.

    okay, i do not know... but i will give the best wrong answer i could...

  10. This was a lot of fun. Thanks for playing. Drum roll, please ......

    Character Name: Steven Trevor, Steve Trevor or Lyle Waggoner. Award yourself 500xp.

    At the time of Trevor's landing, the island was named Paradise Island. While later renamed Themiscyra, Paradise was the answer we were looking for. Award yourself 500xp.

    Middle Name: Leonard. Award yourself an additional 700xp.

    To win the custom-fit platemail, the answer to breaking the deadlock was bullets and bracelets. Or as my husband said while crossing his wrists in front of his face, "Didn't they do that, ping, ping, ping thing with the bullets?"

    Yeppers, they did. Thanks for playing and as usual, you guys made this so much fun.