14 December 2010

Snowball Fight

Christian, I'm throwing extra snowballs at you today.  Take that, Mister Surfer Dude.  Ha.


  1. It really is. Makes me smile. Glad you enjoyed it. Happy Winter :-)

  2. Snow more or less equals happiness, and I'm still not tired of it. It's such a refreshing thing to have around, even when it's dirty and wet and tiring. The familiar spaces are brighter and fuller. Plus there are snowballs of course, and all manner of other snowthings!

  3. Hi Porky: I love it too. It's so nice out my back deck right now. Snow everywhere. And, I don't have to go to work today. Life is good.

    Thanks for the drop-in and thanks for becoming a new Reader. Nice to know you.

    Happy Winter :-)

  4. Where the heck is it 75 degrees? Not here!

  5. I hate snow. I hate the cold. But as I sat here looking out the window today, even I had to admit it was so beautiful. Loving the snow....today. Wish our snowmobile was running, then I'd love the snow every day.

  6. No snow anymore here in Western Washington. We can have a rain-ball fight though!

  7. I'd love it if some of this rain turned to snow. For a little while, anyway!

  8. Ha! It was 75 degrees yesterday and sunny. Still, it'd be cool to see some snow now and again. If it makes anyone feel better, it cooled down today to about 65. Brrrrr!!!!!!!


  9. Hey Mister 75 Degrees: Extra snowballs for you.

    And you too Mr. James. I'd forgotten you're in a warm area too.

    Hi MG: Do you like the rain? I love to listen to it while I write or read.

    Hey Hanny: One rain-ball fight coming up.

    @meBro: Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Kristen: Great seeing you here. I still haven't made my way to open a Face, yet.

    Hi Alex: Not here either. It's just cold, cold, cold. But, I'm digging it since I got to hang out in my robe, slippers and jams, all day :-)

  10. Hey girlfriend, you got me right in the face.

    It's cold here (and I'm talking freezing, 0 degrees) type cold. But NO snow. Maybe tonight. *fingers and toes crossed*

    Though we have school anyway. That's one thing my kids have never had. A snow day. :) They do sometimes get out early, though. :) Cheers to your day off. And jammies all day. SWEET!

  11. Hey Robyn: Yes, cold here too but you know ... after awhile, I don't notice it anymore. I rather like the change in seasons.

    Hope you get a little snow soon. It is rather pretty. Although, I don't have to drive in it today.

    Have a great day. Nice to see you.