30 September 2013

Chubba Bubba Monday: Pomegranates

I am running seriously late with my Chubba Bubba Monday Report.  Partly, because earlier today I didn't know what to talk about and partly because now, it's the eve of a new printable month, and in coupon terms that means TONS of fun resets on printables (Internet coupons).

It's like Christmas over here.  Add to it that I have 46 free Kmart dollars in my account plus, $5 more on the way, and $10 off my next transaction, and I am one HAPPY couponer.

In health news, I bought 6 pomegranates in one shopping trip which prior to owning an Omega Vrt, I never did.  But once juicing came along it forced me to deal with my issues and now, I honestly enjoy buying things like pomegranates, new jeans, and only the best Halloween wax burner ever.

It's a good feeling, and something I didn't expect.

Meanwhile, Tim just finished gaming via Skype and that means it's time for me to jump on his computer and print more money, as I've printed all I can from mine.  You Boogerbutts have a good one and for those playing the Chubba Bubba game please share how you did this week.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

PS: Here's my new burner.  Took me three Halloweens to finally let myself buy it and you know what?  I love it. 

24 September 2013

Chocolate Skull & Freebies

Dollar Tree sells skull molds, so yesterday I used organic raisins and melted chocolate to make these yummies.  If you're a vegan you can use non-milk chocolate, or mix your own from a Baker's block.  Easy enough and ever so yummy. 

Next time, I want to make peanut, chocolate and raisin.  Then maybe a crunchy cereal texture, followed by coconut and dark chocolate.  Oh heavens.  So good.

Here's the shot I go this morning.  Click to expand.

I'm off work again today but don't need to rest so I'm doing chores.  But before I go, dig my Wally World score.

Just part of yesterday's couponing fun.

Eight shaving gels @$1.27 each
Used 4/$3 off 2 gels, coupons (from Red Plum insert)

Four lady razors @$3.89 each
Used 4/$4 off each razor (click Smart Source)
*Requires a download of their printer software 
*Limit 2 printables per computer

The overage from the shaving gels paid the rest of the tax on the razors.  In the end, they gave me about 34 cents, that I used for the rest of my transaction.

And that's how I coupon.  A little here and there so that we're never paying full price for beauty and household items.

Got questions about couponing?  If I can help, I will.  Just ask.  In the meantime, have an oogie boogie of a day.

Chubba Bubba Monday: Rash-Free Zone

I've been out shopping all ding dong day long and let me tell you, I scored some damn good sales, along with a new pair of jeans.  Which thank you very much, were the first pair I put on.  They fit, I liked 'em I bought 'em, end of story.

Which is good because in the past I'd agonize over spending for jeans.  But this time, no stress.  No rash.  No problems.

I'm starting to enjoy spending a little on stuff that I need.  Like pants.  Living in a snowbelt gets pretty cold during the winter months.  And now, I too can have pants.

It's a good day.

20 September 2013

Buttload of Halloween

I found a buttload of Halloween fabric whilst working on the office.  And instead of saving it for I don't know what? This year I'm going to use it for blankets, pillows, napkins and babuskas.

Meanwhile, my car gets pre-inspected today.  If it can't pass we go car shopping.

I feel better about it this time, where last time, not so much.  As was apparent by the blotchy red rash.

Not a good look.

You know what will be a good look?  Me showing up tomorrow at work, wearing my new Halloween babuska.  I have some old favorites but it's time to use the new fabric.

But for now, I need rest because yesterday work really sucked monkey balls, and I'd like not to have a repeat this weekend.  So I'm going to pop in season five of Charlie's Angels, snuggle with the puppies and clip coupons.

You Boogerbutts take care.

PS: Autumnal Equinox hits 4:44 Sunday.  All 4's.  I LOVE IT.

Wait? How did the best new plate in the world, get in here?

17 September 2013

Chubba Bubba Mondays: Step Foward

How was your week?  Because I gotta say, its been a damn good one for me.  The back pain continues to decline as does the swelling.  Last doctor's visit, I felt my doctor touch each point in my spine.  That's how much the swelling has decreased.

I am happy and excited to keep moving forward.

Meanwhile, this past weekend I purposely washed and dried my Farmer Joe Jeans on HOT.  And they're STILL too big.  Add to it, that the swelling in my hands is also down, and yesterday at work, my medium gloves kept bunching.

These are fun problems to have.

But best of all, is that I'm maintaining energy for house projects.  And even though I didn't finish the office haul-out last Saturday as planned, I still went ahead and bought my equinox gifts because I am a grown up and I can do that.

And dig this, the new plates are 22cm (almost 9in).  If I'd bought these last year, I would have also purchased the platters at 30cm (almost 12 in).  Where now, there's no need for honkin' big plates.  And that is very cool step forward.

Check them out.  I love them.  They make me so happy.

Spiced Chocolate Latte with Vanilla & Brown Sugar
(made from scratch)
Ordered Last Night from Yankee Candle (with coupon)

13 September 2013

Equinox Gift

Each equinox and solstice we get a fun gift.  In fact, that's the only rule, that it must be something fun and NOT practical.  This is something I've done for many many years before meeting Tim, and I love that he does it with me. 

For him, it's a weekend away of gaming in October and for me, a Halloween wax burner, new fall mugs and I'm thinking some glowy green spider lights.  But here's the catch, I'm not buying until this office/catch-all room is DONE.

Talk about motivation. 

Meanwhile, check out the Halloween wax burner, along with a 30% coupon.  Click Yankee Candle Coupon, to print your own.  To view the entire collection, click, Yankee Candle Halloween Collection.  Online coupon code is SAVE30 (30% off your entire order).  Expiry date 15 of September.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

12 September 2013

Sally vs Zombie

I'm dressed and ready to his second shift prep.  Not sure how long the shift will be today but I might have a bonus day off tomorrow and Saturday.  If I do, then my plans are to rip apart our home office/stockpile room/sewing crap/treadmill basic catch-all room.

Hopefully Tim will get out earlier tomorrow and stop to get home-style pizza (not chain pizza), and we'll keep going until done.  If all goes well, we will start the new week with this room back in shape.  Or at least, that's the plan, Stan.

Meanwhile I'm off to chop veg, bake brownies and whatever else is on my prep sheet for the day.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

PS: Did you see our new toys?  Sally for me, and Steeler zombie for Tim.  I think Sally can take zombie boy down.  But for now, just to be safe, we'll keep them on separate desks.

What the Crap

We met family for supper and I tell ya what, portion sizes at some restaurants are too big.  The plates were bigger than my butt.  Who needs all that?  Granted I'm happy that my butt wasn't bigger than the plates, because no one needs that, either.  But still.  What the crap?

Too much food.  Too much.

I got a short stack of pumpkin pancakes, and one sad little egg.  I ate two out of the three pancakes and that was enough.  I used butter and maple that I brought from home, because theirs sucks monkey balls, and mine does not.

Maybe I'm seeing things differently now that I'm watching so much BBC's Supersized vs Superskinny and Britain's Secret Eaters.  When I go out now, I just don't eat everything.  It's too much and my body doesn't need it.  Even when I grocery shop.  We have so much.  Too much.

Meanwhile, here's what I made earlier today.  This is a combination that works for me.  I know, it's greenish brownish uck, colored.  But I swear, it was good.

*Carrots, 2 honkin'ones
  Celery, 1 rib
*Baby Kale, 1 handful
  Grapes, about 10 to 20
*Cukes, 2


11 September 2013

I Hit Level Four

Went a whole honkin' week with barely any spinal pain.  Followed by a checkup, where hit fourth level - only one point down from last week but that's okay with me.  Then the girls at the office handed me a stack of coupon inserts.

Did I tell you I like coupons?

Anyway, I'm off to make a fall latte, sit my arse between two puppies and watch BBC's Supersized vs Superskinny.   Or my other favorite, Britain's Secret Eaters.  Probably clip some coupons, followed by a nappy nap.

Oh yeah, THIS is a proper day off.

Dig this Groovy Halloween Project
Click Link to Learn How

09 September 2013

Chubba Bubba Mondays: Happy Pants

Hello Boogerbutts, and welcome to another installment of Chubba Bubba Mondays.  I'm your host, the Incredible Shrinking Whisk.

So, how'd ya all do this week?  Anything to share?  If so, please do.

For me, the start of last week was a rough one, but thankfully got better.  First thing we did, was re-adjust my schedule (again), meaning I don't work three super heavy days in a row, but instead my boss broke them up.

From there, I hurt less, was able to recover faster (spine stuff), and continue to move forward.  Less pain, meant more energy.  I've even gotten back to house projects. 

Add to it that I've got a re-newed direction and goal in mind career-wise (more on that later).  And I feel good in my body.  Even with the bumps along the way, I'm happy with the progress during the last seven weeks.

So, upwards and onwards to a brand new week.  Goals: I'd like to be able to use the treadmill.  Just a slow walk, but that's okay.  It's a good goal for me.

PS:  I went back to Kmart and got those smaller jeans (2 sizes), at FULL PRICE.  Along with new undies, and Tim got some clothes as well.  After the transaction, Kmart thanked me by adding $20 in points to my rewards card.

Oh yeah, it's gonna be a good week.

07 September 2013

Crapper Paper People

Hello Boogerbutts - I have had a very fun day off.  If you read my prior post, you already know the half of it.

Here's the other half ....

After meeting Tim for lunch, I went to Kmart and tried on jeans.  I went down two whole honkin' sizes.  The jeans were full-price, so pass.

That's okay, I wasn't there for the jeans, just curious to see what I'd fit in.  The reason for the trip: freebies.  And dig this, the register spit out ANOTHER $5 off my next purchase PLUS a $3 Thank You from the crapper paper people.

No kidding.  I got all of this stuff for free, and they thanked me by giving me $3 on top of the $5.  Bring on the next kill.

You Boogerbutts have a spooky weekend :-)

Today's Total: ZERO BUCKS (for everything here)
Its Been a Good Day

06 September 2013

Diggity Ding Dong

Hey dig this.  My mother-in-law gave me jeans last year and when I put them on today they were TOO BIG.  Even better, I have energy for chores.  That usually doesn't happen following a work day.  But wait, that's not all ... 

Who has her wedding band on?  If you guessed me, you win an A on your paper and a star on your forehead.

Meanwhile, here's today's hot drink.  I use various spices but for this morning, it's almond milk, homemade ginger juice, honey, organic cinnamon and organic brown sugar.  Served in a Halloween mug.  As all fall drinks should be.

But first, dig these Halloween bakes I made last year for the pups.  Just canned Blue dog food and flour.  Make a dough, roll it out, make the shapes, and bake.  That's it.

Homemade Doggy Bakes
In Fun Halloween Shapes

05 September 2013


Check it out.  Almost free socks.  Paid 99 cents for each six pack.  And if I wanted to use my Kmart Rewards, I would have paid zero.  But I'm saving my Rewards for more free crapper paper.  Details on that, once I do the transaction.

Anyway, last week the register spit out coupons for $5 off any socks (costing $5 or more).  Got two of those coupons.  Found socks for $5.99, no tax where I live, so 99 cents.

But wait, that's not even the best part.  Both of my transactions printed even MORE coupons.  Which I had a feeling it would, and that's why I didn't get Tim's jeans with the socks.  Glad I listened to my gut because now, we'll get $5 in Rewards added to our key card, just for buying jeans that I was going to get him anyway.

Pretty cool.

As for the $5 off $35 purchase ... I will use that coupon if it figures well into my crapper paper run.  This will depend on store stock, my coupons and all that good stuff.

Then the last one, $10/50 isn't bad if I needed more towels and household stuff.  So since we just scored towels I might pass.  Or if they go on sale cheap again, I might go for it.

Just depends.

If you want to start couponing and have any questions, you can ask them here or email me.  I'm happy to share.

PS: For those who read Tim's blog.  Yes, I did eat all the chocolate.  What can I say?  I was in the Halloween spirit and before I knew it, all the chocolate had been gobbled up.

Total: $1.98 for 12 Pair

04 September 2013

Does Your Man Garbage Pick?

Because mine does and look what he brought home last night.  More inserts.  That brings me to 54.  Totally free.

That is, if you don't mind garbage pickin'.

03 September 2013

That's the Good Stuff

I woke today with barely any swelling, got my wedding band on, and had energy for the day.

I've already been to the bank, three markets and the doctor's.  Even had time to decorate my blog for Halloween.  And I did all of it with no pain.

That's the good stuff.

Know what else is good?  FREE body washes.  Eleven of them.  Then on Saturday night Tim took me to Kmart for new towels and at the end of my order, I scored 10 dollars in free Kmart money.  Plus, we hit Wally's for FREE crapper paper.

I don't know about you, but FREE crapper paper on a Saturday night, followed by a pizza and scary movie, is all that I need.  Beats diamonds any day of the week.

No lie.

Both images expand, and both contain pups.

02 September 2013

Chubba Bubba Monday: Monkey Balls

I woke swollen and sore today.  The last three days at work have not been kind to me.  But my attitude is good, even though I feel a bit defeated on the work front.

And if I'm honest, my new hours aren't working. 

This changes the direction of my going back to school.  And leaves me a little unsure of where to step next.

Not a great feeling.

But it's clear that when I'm away from my job, I do much better.  Even as I write this, I know that I have to get a new job.  I know that.  And it sucks monkey balls.

So, how'd you all do this week?