21 March 2023


Hellloooooo Boogerbutts! 

What's it been a month or so? Happy to be back and celebrating SPRING this week. Happy Autumn to all ya' fall folks out there, too! 

New season means a new goal, more on that in a minute up first, it's new banner day! Freshly drawn from the new kitchen table that I built. 


Game changer.

Some recall the battles I've had with the kitchen like, the fridge that's been in four different places (in three days), tripping over camera gear (constantly), and the revolving kitchen table/work bench fiasco. 

Ugh and goodbye to all of that!

Say hello to my little mess. This is where I drew today and where I'm writing to you now. See the top of the table? Glued, sanded and stained with a homemade mixture of chocolate powder and coffee, then top-coated with a clear coat. The legs are black, and I'll show you those another day.

Now back to seasonal goals. It's something I've done forever, each season one new goal. Only this time, instead of picking our own goals, hubby and I did the picking for each other. For him, I picked finish his KickStarter by end of Spring. For me, he selected open some kind of store front to sell my cartoons. 

Two big fat goals. 

Bring IT!

I'm up for the challenge. I love the draw and want to see my art on shirts, mugs, hats and walls. 

It's time.

Long overdue, actually. 

And that my Boogerbutts is the updated news on my end. This is Ivy, reporting live from the best new kitchen table in the history of EVHAR!

Chat again soon.

Huggs & Bugs, Me.