25 November 2013


I almost forgot, today makes 604 POSTS.  Holy cupcakes, that went fast.  And even though I admit that there were times when I wanted to pack it in - overall, I love having this little space all my own. Thank you Boogerbutts, for reading.

Much appreciated.

Also I made stuffing bread.  I added the seasoning right into my dough, then dried the pieces.  I'm still working out the formula.  Next time I'll use homemade chicken (or veg), stock instead of water, when making the dough.  Just to see.

Here's where I'm at so far.  Click to enlarge.

AND dig Tim's latest issue of The Manor.  He worked all ding dong weekend, then left early this morning to ship them.  The Manor makes him happy.  I'm super duper proud of him.

All in all, a great snowy weekend.  We stayed in the ENTIRE time, both working on our projects.  But now it's Monday and Wilma and I got work to do.  But first, check out these FREEBIES I snagged from BK.  ZERO out of pocket, Baby.

Click to Enlarge the FREEBIES
Liked these so much, went back next day for 4 FREE more.

21 November 2013

Life is Good

So I take a shower and I want to put on my favorite jeans and I think, wait, I can't do that because I want to wear these over the weekend.  But then I realized, Wilma is here.  I can wear my jeans today AND over the weekend.

Life is good.

19 November 2013


Today is my fourth week of being home.  And you know what?  I  love it.  Started the week with 274 FREE dollars from various stores, points, and promotions.

That's MORE than I made in a week of prep.

My goal: To have Wilma's zero interest loan paid off in three months instead of six.  I like the challenge of that.  It's fun.

Yesterday I had to use up just under 2 dollars in point, so got free dish gloves.  My old ones have a hole so this is a perfect way to start the work week.  New yellow gloves.  For free.  Does it get any better than that?  I don't think so.

14 November 2013

Suck 'em Down

Wilma arrives tomorrow and the hallway needs finished.  Time to blast Imagine Dragons and get it done.

But first, dig this.  20 poms for $8.90.  Time to juice these babies and suck 'em down.  So yummy and nothing but pure energy. 

Unlike the crash and burn candy bar effect, homemade pom juice builds a good morning and carries on through lunch.

Gonna be a good day.  

13 November 2013

Kickin'it Old School

Yesterday we bought a new Speed Queen washer.  She arrives on Friday and her name is Wilma.  Once we get our ZERO financing paid off, we're headed back for the dryer.

Both units are old school.  We're talking REAL hot water, not a wussy blend.  Galvanized drum, and simple settings. 

Meanwhile, I'm so excited about all this stuff I scored that I can't even sit long enough to write out the details.  The better I do at ZERO OOP transactions, the sooner we'll get this bill paid in full, and the sooner we'll go buy Betty.

And believe you me, I want that dryer.

Challenge accepted.

08 November 2013

Draft Writing Fool

Right now I'm in 100% creative mode, which means I'm a draft writing fool.  And I tell you what, I honestly forgot how much fun it was to put together a book.  To really dig in. 

I love the beginning when the pages need filled, and the ideas are coming, and hey how about this here or that will work great there.  Sure things need cleaned up later, but there's something neat about just getting it all on the page.

And I love that.

PS: Click It's Vomit Time for details about my book.

06 November 2013

It's Vomit Time

I'm a vomit writer.  I love getting the words on the page, and I don't give two craps and a cracker about perfection.  My only job in draft writing is to make a mess and keep going.

Now that I'm not hunched over a prep table, it means I get to follow my coupon self around all ding dong day long, and write.  Tim even made me different colored blank zines to fill.  I love that guy.  I do.  So much.  He's the best.

And get this.  Yesterday I went to the doctor and I am down one whole point in severity of the spine.   Plus, I don't hurt every single minute and I'm not limping anymore.

So that's where I'm at.  Don't know if I'll publish a coupon zine or go for a self-published book.  Doesn't really matter at this point because right now, it's vomit time.

05 November 2013

Gaming, Coupon-Style

Today I scored $18.50 in FREE money, just for putting Call of Duty on layaway, at Kmart.  Here's the breakdown.

$6.00   [in points to open a layaway contract]
$2.50   [in points for payment #1]
$2.50   [in points for payment #2]
$2.50   [in points for payment #3]
$5.00   [in points at completion of contract]
$18.50 in FREE money to use later, just for putting the game on layaway, today.  To open this contract, I had no fees, but was required to pay $15 toward said purchase.

Did I reach in my pocket to give them straight cash????

Noooooo.  First, I went to the cashier and handed her $25 in green for a $25 Kmart gift card BECAUSE, that gift card is part of a promotion that gave me an additional gift card worth $5 PLUS, $2 in points on my rewards card.

I did that transaction twice.  Brings me to $14 + $18.50 = $32.50 in free money to use another time.

And that's how I coupon.

I don't deduct the rewards or points until I use them.  I paid $50 out of pocket for gift cards, to pay for his game.  But instead of putting it all on the game today, we'll wait until NaNo is over for Tim, and I've collected all my points.

And believe you, me.  I will not be paying out of pocket, for the next round of paper towels or crapper paper.

04 November 2013


Hello Boogerbutts and Happy Monday.  I had a kick ass weekend.  Why you ask?  Why thank you for asking.  Because lovely Buttfaces, I scored all this crap for FREE.

When I say free, I mean NO GREEN left my little hands.  PLUS, for each group of three I purchased, Viva gave me $4 off my next transaction, and instantly removed $3.  Using coupons and points brought my balance to zero oop.

And guess what else? Tonight we're having stuffed shells.  Made the homemade sauce over the weekend, bought the cheese yesterday and tonight, we eat like people who no longer pay for paper towels, razors or crapper paper.

Because that folks, is how we roll.

How I use to shop.
How I shop, now.