23 April 2018


It's Sunday and we're outside because when it's warm, we lug our kitchen table to the back deck. The kitchen has sliding doors so it's super easy. But I'm not here to talk about sliding doors. Nope nope. I've got news!

Last Friday, I recorded my first podcast and soon I'll be on iTunes. It's been about 2 years post declutter, and I celebrated by doing a podcast. Also, 2 years and NOTHING has grown back.

How about them apples?

The answer to last week is cinnamon rolls. Winners select their own prizes but next week, it's back to things that ooze, rot and smell bad. You're welcome!

As always, MUCH THANKS for your time and boogie boogie, babies!

17 April 2018

The Great Declutter of 2016 (update)

Hello Boogerbutts!

This is my new laundry space and I love it. For those of you who don't already know, back in 2016 I did what Norma dubbed, The Great Declutter of 2016 - in which I ditched 95 percent of my stuff. Including cupboards that were too high and/or that I just hated.

And, since I won't be around Friday, let's toss in a WHAT AM I? Tell us what this is and win the prize of your choice.

That's right. This is a once in a blogtime offer. Pick your own prize. Dead bugs, rotten pickles and toe nail clippings are still available upon request.


10 April 2018


Nobody wants the roaches, so I'll teleport cupcakes instead. Bug-free. I promise.

Answers are...

Potato eye
Cooling racks
Chunked potatoes
Pink glove

Taken with my macro lens for mobile devices. The kit also came with a wide screen lens and a few other goodies. Total price: 30 bucks. BUT, I had points so all I paid was the tax - the product shipped, FREE.

Hot dog.

In other new, after MANY tries, I couldn't get the baker's rack to work in my lab. So... this past weekend, I moved said rack into the laundry area. Now I have a place to fold and hold cleaning supplies. Where with the other shelf, it just held supplies. I think... think... just maybe... this might be the winner.

And that my Boogerbutts, is all that's fit to print. Be back next Tuesday, the 17th.

06 April 2018

FQ: Riddle Me This...

Riddle me this, Batman. I recently got a new toy. It's smaller than a breadbox, I'm using it for this post and I'm having a blast.

Name my new toy and the items below to win a year supply of dead roaches. Or ... a box of fancy chocolates. But I'm not telling you what the fancy chocolate are made of.

03 April 2018

I'M OVER THE MOON (20K views)

Yesterday, I was all kinds of behind. For about four seconds, I wanted to skip my YouTube deadline. But that's not how this works. Unless I'm dealing with a health issue that has me to be couch-bound, I gotta work.

But I'm not gonna lie, I did a happy dance when I was DONE!

Guess what? I hit 20,000 views and I'm OVER THE MOON. In two months I went from 10K to 20K. Not too shabby for a newbie.

BIG THANKS, to those who helped me reach 20K - Extra gross prizes for you this week.