28 June 2017


Last Thursday I was able to sit without pain and that night, I passed kidney stones. Thank goodness, those little buggers are gone. As for the intestinal blockage, that had already fixed (no surgery), and I'm back to pooping lots per day. Woohoo for the poo.

I'm about to rip apart my lab/kitchen. As it currently stands, most of my ingredients are in jars and my lab stuff is mixed with our home stuff. The goal: Part the two and make my kitchen Hubby-Friendly and my lab, Me-Friendly.

That's all for now. Gonna crank the tunes and boogie my way through.


08 June 2017

Intestinal Blockage (not fun)

I finally got my immune system to where it can tolerate going to the movies. But did I get to see Wonder Woman?


Instead, I was diagnosed with intestinal blockage aka, bowel obstruction. Not fun and quite painful. For now, I can't eat or sit and won't be on social media.

But as soon as I get back, it's straight to more videos. YouTube tells me once I hit 100 subs, I'm allowed to apply for a custom URL. If interested in food, please subscribe to The Happy Whisk.

Thanks and I'll see you SOON.