26 September 2022

Mumbo Jumbo

Hello Boogerbutts! Happy Autumn and Spring! Here's it's fall and I love, love, love it. Made baked vegan doughnuts all weekend long using Silikomart doughnut moulds. I LOVE this brand. Pictures to come as they're on another device that I can't access at the moment.

As for the 30-Day Get the Chub Outta Here, challenge. Started good, then I tanked. Now though, things are going well and nearly 15 pounds down (a bit over a stone). 

More than that though, the kitchen and work space are very, very different since we last chatted. Oh my gosh, writing bakes is so much easier these days however, the creativity lab where I shoot photos and chalk paint is needs an adjustment.

That's what I'm working on today. Getting dish done, maybe toss in a quick apple bake and then rebuild the photo/chalk paint area. 

Which might all sound like mumbo jumbo, especially without reference pictures. All to come in another post. Today, I wanted to pop in say Happy Autumn. Happy Spring. Hope you're eating well and we'll talk soon. 

Boogie Boogie & Happy Halloween!!!!