27 April 2022

Melted Brain & Wiggy's Gotcha Day

You know what? It's been so long since I posted on Blogger and IG that I almost forgot how to do both. I'm trying to add a photo and I feel like my brain is melting and can't figure it out. Think I got it now though. 

Guess what else? Today is Wiggy's Gotcha Day! 11 years flew by since we got her at the puppy pound. She didn't even know how to use stairs. Now she bolts up them like lightening, even at 11. 

Best dog, ever!

In other news, there's been a lot of reno/demo, moving of things, moving of rooms and building going on. Almost too many things at once but it's a big space. In the end, I'll have 350 square feet for a kitchen and studio area or 32.5 square meters. To me, that's huge. Pictures to come, but for today, just the shot of Miss Wiggy on her Gotcha Day!

Know what else? I miss reading and writing blogs. I don't even know how long I've been away. Awhile. And remember Friday Questions? Those were fun. I'd like to bring that back. But for now, I just wanna say howdy, and show off Miss Wiggy on her Gotcha Day!

See you Boogerbutts soon, if not sooner.

Whisk, out.