31 October 2011

Dumpster Diving

This year, we started our Halloween staycation by dumpster diving for a hundred dollar bill, that I accidentally tossed.  It was one of the gifts I gave Tim for Halloween.

Thankfully, we found it.

Then off to wash both pairs of sneakers, after stepping in doggy doo, twice.  Followed by watching Nightmare Before Christmas in front of the big screen, while eating homemade chocolate chip pancakes, and snuggling with the pups.

And dig this, yesterday when I got home from prep, Tim had a big-ass pile of wrapped gifts, displayed on the table.  Is he the bestest husband ever? 

I think so.

Not a bad way to start our staycation.  Hope you're all eating yummy things and watching scary movies.

Boogie boogie, and thanks for being such a spooktacular group of ghouls. I enjoy getting to know all you boogerbutts.

Am I spoiled or what?

29 October 2011

I Quit

Yeppers. I'm done with salad bar.  Officially quit today.  Hated it.  Now I'm just a prep cook.

A happy prep cook. 

And dig this, I was granted my annual Halloween staycation.  So I bought Halloween gifts for Tim, two big-ass bones for the pups and a zillion ingredients for me.

Have an Oogie Boogie weekend.

24 October 2011

Now That's Romance

Crapass, I'm still sick.  Was getting better but woke ucky. 

I'm off work for three more days and hoping my boss okays my holiday time, but with so many days missed, I'm not sure.

Plus, I put in for my Halloween staycation a bit late.


Meanwhile, as an early Halloween gift Tim bought me a BIG bottle of Pee-Pee and a candy corn Halloween candle.

Now that's romance. I tell ya, it just doesn't get any better.

23 October 2011

Cabin Fever

Thankfully, my cabin fever isn't as bad as was the case with Cheryl Ladd's daughter.

Thanks for all the well wishes.  I'm moving about, reading and I even got to stay up last night and watch a scary movie.

Love the old black and whites. 

Meanwhile, the entire house is asleep, while I sip on garlic onion soup, flip through some blogs and enjoy sitting upright.

Miss Wiggy taking a nappy nap...
...before we removed the Vomit Cone.

20 October 2011

Everything Hurts

My head feels like someone smashed it in with a sledgehammer.  My nose won't stop running and for crumble bumble sake, even my ears hurt.

I hate being sick.

In other news, I wrote and tested DR-5 (draft), of my apple pizza.  Each draft adding or removing a different component.

I love that.

Once my taste buds and energy return, it's onto DR-1 of pumpkin pie cheesecake.  But even before that, I might test a lemon almond biscuit/cookie, that I wrote this morning. 

It's on paper, now I just gotta hit the lab.

But right now, my tea is done and I'm headed back to bed. 

Meanwhile, the two puppies are active, healthy and after 21 days, they are loving life without the vomit-cone. Last night they both grabbed the cone at the same time and then ran up and down the hall together.

Too cute.

That's about it from me.  All you Boogerbutts have a spooktacular day and an oogie boogie week.

15 October 2011

Second Home

I'm excited.  Know why? Because I'm off from work today and tomorrow.  That's right. Two days off in a row, after 18 days of not having the same day off with Tim.  Now I got two.  Count 'em.  One, two. Yeah, Baby.

So tonight we hit Barnes and I loved it.  I still miss Borders but slowly but surely, Barnes is starting to feel like our second home.

Even tasted a pumpkin cheesecake for the first time.  Now it's time to hit my lab and make a healthier version.  Well, not right now because right now, we're going to eat take out pizza and watch the last of The Walking Dead.

You all have an extra special oogie boogie night.

PS: Mademoiselle Wiggy sends puppy hugs.  Vomit-free. Bug however, is too busy numming on the new pig ears we bought them.  Those girls are so spoiled.

And we wouldn't have it any other way.

13 October 2011

Vomit Cone

After Wiggy threw up in her cone again this morning (she's all better now).  Followed by 17 days of wearing the cone, and Bug not allowed to play with her sister, somehow I'm being graced with a quiet afternoon.

In fact, it's well into the day and I'm still in my jams.

Absolute heaven.

So while one pup sleeps and the other works hard on her chewy, it's time to play in my lab.  Found a recipe for apple pizza, going to tinker with the formula and give it a go.

Have an oogie boogie day.


Wiggy's First Day Home
17 Days and Counting

11 October 2011

One Year & 200 Posts

Holy crap on a cracker.  I've reached 200 posts and one year of blogging.  To celebrate, here's a Halloween comic. 

Thanks to all you Boogerbutts for reading.