20 October 2011

Everything Hurts

My head feels like someone smashed it in with a sledgehammer.  My nose won't stop running and for crumble bumble sake, even my ears hurt.

I hate being sick.

In other news, I wrote and tested DR-5 (draft), of my apple pizza.  Each draft adding or removing a different component.

I love that.

Once my taste buds and energy return, it's onto DR-1 of pumpkin pie cheesecake.  But even before that, I might test a lemon almond biscuit/cookie, that I wrote this morning. 

It's on paper, now I just gotta hit the lab.

But right now, my tea is done and I'm headed back to bed. 

Meanwhile, the two puppies are active, healthy and after 21 days, they are loving life without the vomit-cone. Last night they both grabbed the cone at the same time and then ran up and down the hall together.

Too cute.

That's about it from me.  All you Boogerbutts have a spooktacular day and an oogie boogie week.


  1. Get better soon my Queen and pet the dogs for me.

  2. Take good care of yourself! :)

  3. Hope you feel better soon! It's going around here, too. John is running a fever, but I made him "Heal-You-Chicken-Soup," hopefully that will do the trick, or at least keep it from spreading!

  4. Sorry to hear you are unwell, take care and get better soon.

  5. I recommend Neocitrin and The Kraken Spiced Rum, not necessarily mixed though. those two got me through the first cold of the year just a few weeks ago. Best. Medicine. Ever.

  6. Feel better soon, okay?! Best wishes. :)

  7. Get better. Sounds like chicken soup needed.

  8. Are you sure you weren't hit in the head with a sledgehammer? It happens more than you might think (or maybe I just watch too much 3 Stooges).

  9. Feel better soon-enjoy your tea :)

  10. I hope it's over soon too. Illness is good for inspiration though.

  11. Crappily dappily that you are sick! Suckarooni indeedy! Get well soon my friend.

  12. Sorry you feel so bad, I hope things turn around fast!

  13. I hope you're feeling better soon. Get those two puppies to cuddle up with you -- it's time for them to earn their keep! Puppy cuddles are one of nature's best cures.

  14. Aw poor thing :( I've been sick for over three weeks now with the flu. Slowly getting better. Hope you get well real quick. I love your new pup by the way. :) I've been keeping up with your blog, just not commenting. And thanks for your lovely comment. Take care honey XX

  15. so sorry you're sick :(
    glad the puppies are without the cone of shame :)
    hope you get better lickety split!

  16. You haven't go the flu, have you? In any case, stay hydrated. I hope you're feeling better soon.

  17. Oh boo! I hope I didn't give you my cold :) Stay hydrated, feel better!

  18. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  19. Lurker: Thanks bunches. Pups say hello.

    James: I'm resting, resting. Thanks bunches.

    Daisey: Sorry to hear John is sick. Hope he's better. Having me some homemade chicken soup right now. So good. Can't believe I never had this before when I was a veghead.

    Flea: I'm resting as much as possible. Today I can sit up and read. Woohoo. Thanks for stopping by. Big Hello to Lady Rachel.

    Harald: So great to see you today. I have to Google those two things. Glad they worked for you. I'm about to eat chicken soup loaded with garlic and onion.

    Carol: Thank you. Thank you.

    Matt: Hahahahaha. Thanks for the laugh.

    Human's Folly: The tea was ever so yummy with fresh ginger added. So flipping good, even with the cold.

    Porky: I keep dreaming about new formuals. Kind of cool. And today I can sit up and read. Even better.

    Lo-mo: Thanks girl. Loved the crappily dappily and the suckarooni.

    Todd: I'm off from the restaurant all weekend. Go back next week. Plenty of rest time. Thanks for dropping by.

    Bard: The puppies are the best at cuddling. Wiggy gave me her treat followed by two get well puppy hugs. Too cute.

    Niki: Three weeks. Yikes. Hope it is all gone soon. Thanks for the words about Bug. She's a little sweetie. I wasn't feeling well and she crawled on top of me and snuggled in. So cute.

    Thanks for the well wishes. Sending them back at'cha. Hugs.

    mshatch: Wiggy loves being cone-free.

    Trey: I think so. Lots of liquids. Lots of rest. Up and reading today. Head doesn't hurt anymore. Hope your weekend is filled with fun.

    Jess: I got the snotters for sure :-(

    The Grumpy Celt: Much thanks.

    Pope: Me too. Thanks.

  20. Sorry your under the weather. Get better soon!

  21. Brutorz: Thanks. Glad your back is better. I've had mine out before and it SUCKS.

  22. :(
    Crap I'm sorry I didn't see this hon. Hope your feeling better! All my best & I've got a little sniffle that appears to be getting worse but I'm fight it!
    Feel better! Please!

  23. Needles: Hope you don't get sicker. I'll teleport you some garlic, onion soup with real ginger and hot peppers. Really zap those sniffles right out.

  24. William: It no longer feels like a truck ran over my head, which is nice. And today I went to work. Which is also nice.

    Thanks for stopping by.