31 October 2011

Dumpster Diving

This year, we started our Halloween staycation by dumpster diving for a hundred dollar bill, that I accidentally tossed.  It was one of the gifts I gave Tim for Halloween.

Thankfully, we found it.

Then off to wash both pairs of sneakers, after stepping in doggy doo, twice.  Followed by watching Nightmare Before Christmas in front of the big screen, while eating homemade chocolate chip pancakes, and snuggling with the pups.

And dig this, yesterday when I got home from prep, Tim had a big-ass pile of wrapped gifts, displayed on the table.  Is he the bestest husband ever? 

I think so.

Not a bad way to start our staycation.  Hope you're all eating yummy things and watching scary movies.

Boogie boogie, and thanks for being such a spooktacular group of ghouls. I enjoy getting to know all you boogerbutts.

Am I spoiled or what?


  1. You are spoiled, but I'm sure you deserve it ;) Have a great time!

  2. Flea: It was great fun to come home too. And a whole honking week off from work, with Tim. Woohoo.

  3. ....but you deserve to be spoiled my Queen, have a good staycation.

  4. Lurker: It's quite fun. Happy Haunting.

  5. That's so sweet (except the dog poo part).

  6. Wow, that's one huge haul of presents! That Tim might just be a keeper. ;)

    Have a Happy Halloween!

    "There are things that go bump in the night. And we are the ones who bump back.
    – Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense

  7. Those presents look WAY better than candy. Have a great staycation and happy halloween!

  8. My son accidentally tossed his stainless steel water bottle into the dumpster Saturday. He won't feel so bad when he sees what you tossed!

  9. That's something worth dumpster diving for!

  10. I have a friend who sold her hubby's shirts that she was cleaning out of his draw at a yard sale.

    Unknown to her, he had stashed 14 $100 bills in said shirt that he was saving for her surprise 40th birthday party. Guess who do the surprise when he told where he'd hid the money.

    So what is in the packages?

  11. sounds like a lovely start to the Staycation! Hope there was a bit of chocolate in one of the packages!

  12. You are spoiled! And I'm so glad you found that $100 bill!

  13. Southpaw: Even with the dumpster diving and poo, times two, it was a great morning. Happy Boogie boogie, to you.

    Bard: He is. I'm so spoiled. Rotten, you know.

    Happy Haunting to you and we enjoy watching the paranormal shows. Some are so cheesy but really fun to watch.

    Zombiecowboy: So much better, since for me, I hardly ever if at all, eat candy that isn't homemade. Happy Oogie boogie.

    Norma: Did he dive for it? Hope he found it.

    William: Sure is, and a oogie boogie to you.

    Alex: Bestest Hubby, ever.

    Pat: I don't type this often but OMG. That's a lot of money. Oh my gosh. Too much to toss away.

    Daisey: Loved the costumes you made.

    Susan Happy writing to you, and yeah, me too on the $100.

    MG: Well said.

  14. What a nice little stack of presents!! Yep, that's a sweet hubby. Yikes, glad you found that $100 bill!!

  15. Carol: I did pretty darn good. Very glad we found the $100. I just tossed it because I thought he's already taken the money out of the envelope.

    Suzan: Love Staycations. They rock.