28 November 2015

Magic Shoes

Those boxes are still haunting us. But today (you can't see me but I just sat up a little taller and puffed out my chest), we finish the job.

The answer to Friday's Question: Stevia powder extract, grown & harvested in Paraguay, South America and manufactured in the USA by a family owned business. The stevia is UNCUT, as in ZERO fillers and I love it. Love it.

Okay, Tim's back from the post with my new herbal medicine. Which means, time for me to get offline and put on my magic shoes.

27 November 2015

Friday Question: New Foods

When I go to the market I'm always on the hunt for a new ingredient. Spice, herb (fresh or dried), fruit, vegetable, it doesn't matter. Just something new and fun to play with.

Friday Question: How often to explore new foods? And if you do, what's the last new thing you tasted?

Speaking of new ingredients, if you're looking to win a kilo of dehydrated eye boogers to sprinkle of popcorn, then click Have You Eaten This, and submit your answer. Thanks for playing.

25 November 2015


It is a lovely crisp morning here at The Manor and guess what? Tim has a five day weekend. Now I don't celebrate American Thanksgiving, but I'll surely take the FIVE DAYS with him, home. Love it.

Love it, love it, love it.

Meanwhile, remember The Lemon Tart Room? Well, after much argument between Monster (treadmill's name) and the couch (nameless), they both sorted their issues and found a proper space.

In other news, I have two new ingredients (of sorts), to try this weekend. More on that later beause right now, I'm off to read a few blogs, make dough and sip the best green veggie stock in the history of, EVER!

23 November 2015

Monster vs Couch

I had a minor health setback last week, but things are sorted and today I kicked ass. Laundry done, cauldron of organic chicken stock simmering but wait, that's not all. I also made a killer spicy soup for lunch. Only I didn't take pictures. Maybe next time, as I love chucking stuff in a sauce pot and making a single serving meal.

It might have taken me a week to recover from the latest setback and believe me you, I was NOT happy about tumbling right after a great leap forward, but by golly Miss Molly, I'm back on track.

Feels good.

Now, I best kick off and get back to The Lemon Tart Room. I deep cleaned it today and now I'm trying to move the couch into winter-mode, only the couch and Monster (name of treadmill), are fighting for space.

Hard to say who will win.

Ready to Rumble

The weekend whooshed by and I didn't get a ding dong thing done. If I'm honest, I didn't get a whole lot done the week prior, either. But now, thanks to a few new herbal spells and a weekend of nothing, I feel rested and I'm ready to rumble.

Happy Monday, Buttfaces.

22 November 2015

Motivation Gone Missing (lazy day)

Today, I've got about as much motivation as a stick. In fact, I'm chillin' in our new bedroom, doing digital puzzles because this is now THE BEST ROOM, ever. I love this space.

Meanwhile, I was looking forward to a big fat snow storm. But nothing. Just mush mixed with wet, mixed with more mush. Maybe next time. For those of you that got a over two feet of snow, I hope you're enjoying it, snuggled in and have lots of good foods and drink on hand.

As for me, I'm in hunker down mode, wishing for snow.

21 November 2015

Butt Juice

Ohhhhh weeee, it's flippin' cold with stories of snow on the way. Glad we hit the market last night but bummer, no organic fennel. That's the one thing about Wegmans, they're hit or miss as to what's on offer, each time I go. So I tasted a piece of the non-organic fennel and boy was it bland, bland, bland.

However, I did get me a heavy pineapple that I set upside down, on the counter. Pineapples don't get ripe once picked BUT, their butts are full of juice and setting them upside down, helps the butt juice (that sounds much worse than it is), travel to the top. Once the fruit smells amazing, it's time to crack that baby open. Been doing it this way for decades and it's never failed.

That's about all here. I'm gonna go find something to eat, then hit Monster for a walk and after that, Frankenberry should be home. Boogie boogie and have a yummy day.

20 November 2015

Friday Question: FENNEL

Who likes fennel seeds? Because I got a hold of an organic bunch of them and wow, I just love these things. I eat them after meals to aid digestion. I'm also excited blitz them into a powder, for a lovely licorice-style cookie/biscuit/cracker thing-a-ma-jig (as I have decided yet for sure).

Friday Question: Do you like fennel seed, bulb and/or feathery leaves? And if so, how do you like to eat yours? If I get my little oven mitts on a nice full fennel this weekend, I'm gonna slice it for a nice crisp raw treat.

PS: This makes post 1414 :-) I love the number 4.

Friday Question: What Are We?

19 November 2015

Please Leave a Message After the Beep

Making progress on the house but gonna be on auto-pilot for a bit longer. Got a few things that need my full attention. Meanwhile, we hit Barnes last night. Rarely do we get to go mid-week, so that was a lovely treat.

As for Christmas, we've had the place decorated since after Halloween, so it's about time that my blog caught up as well.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

18 November 2015


Still not here. But I found this comic to stand in for me.

17 November 2015


I'm not here today. Please enjoy this repeat post that I did awhile back. Still makes me smile so I'm giving it another go today. Meanwhile, wish me luck. It's me against the last of the boxes. And this time no baking. Well, except for a bird and trimmings. But that doesn't really count as lab work.

That's just plain old good eats.

16 November 2015

Cupcake Time !!!!

Well, I got as far as unpacking one box before I got distracted and ended up back in the lab. It was cupcake time.

Only I wrote the science wrong and these allergy-friendly buggers will need a second draft. But first, I really, really gotta finish these boxes. It's all the stuff leftover after redoing the bedroom. I'm looking at the pile now. It's looking back.

Who will win? Safe money is on the boxes.

Cakes and Meatballs

In my skillet is a salmon cake. Once done, I'll adjust the seasoning, make more cakes PLUS meatballs. Ingredients are expensive so I do multiple experiments at once. Though to be fair, I do this with less expensive ingredients as well because it's fun.

In other news, I've got lots of cleaning to do. Now that the bedroom is back together, blankets need washed and the leftover books, papers and whatnot need a home. I keep telling myself that I enjoy puzzles but this feels more like a pile of, I dunno where to start? So for now, I'm off to sample my salmon cake and make meatballs.

Have a Yummy Day.

15 November 2015


Today, our goal is simple. Finish a few things about the house and after the game, hit Barnes. It's been 9 days since we've been there, which is way too damn long.

But before we go I'll whip up another batch of my apple spice cupcakes with maple caramel cream frosting. Every bit of it, dairy-free and allergy-friendly.

And that my lovely boogerbutts concludes this post. We're both still in our jams and before we do any work, we're gonna go watch a free movie, compliments of RedBox.

Have a yummy day.

14 November 2015

Eyeballs & Rats

If you guessed date seed/stone/pit to Friday's Question then you're now the proud owner of eyeballs and rats. Please enjoy. For everyone else, we have a nice selection of chocolate covered insects.

Bonus points if you knew that I was going to roast the seeds and then grind them for tea and baking. I'll let ya' know how it goes.

Thanks to EVERYONE who played.

13 November 2015

Friday Question: What Are We?

Welcome to another round of Friday Question, where you can win fun stuff. That's right, if you're looking for a few extra dehydrated eyeballs for the bowl on your kitchen table, or maybe a dozen dead rats to sprinkle in the garden - then you've come to the right place.

Friday Question: What Are We? Bonus eyeballs and rats if you can tell me what I'll be doing with these?

12 November 2015

Winner Winner Cupcake Dinner (post 1404)

Today, it's time to finish the bedroom, even though I really, really want to bake. Since I've been resting so well, I have the energy to tackle both. But, to be sure the painting gets done, I'll save the baking for a reward. I'm thinking chocolate cupcakes. Or maybe lemon. No wait, I've got it, apple spice with a maple caramel cream frosting.

Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner.

PS: After publishing this earlier today, I just only now saw that this makes post 1404. Cool beaners.

Pee Partners

11 November 2015

Zombie Self-Help

I'm unplugged and in the Lemon Tart Room for the day, but please enjoy this comic that I got from Martha. Halloween is over, but it's always zombie time, here at The Manor.

09 November 2015

Today, I Swung

I've been sick for awhile. Lots of internal issues. It's not a fun road to be on and sometimes I feel like I can swing as hard as I can swing, and it will still mean nothing. But thankfully, I don't think that way each day.

Instead, I work at this. I learn, learn and learn as much as I can and every food or herbal that enters my body, must provide healing properties.

My time, energy and efforts are paying off and I feel like dancing. Because today, I swung and didn't miss.

Trust (so flippin' cute)

08 November 2015

Last Day of Freedom (Noooooooooooo!)

Nooooooo! Say it isn't so. It can't be day 10 already. No, no, no. But yes, yes, yes, it really is.

Tim's inside listening to the game and I'm outside sippin' tea and suckin' in the last bit of sunshine before Old Man Winter plows his big fat ass through.

07 November 2015


Yesterday, I kicked off the day bright and early and in the kitchen baking cupcakes. Which was wonderful for me, especially after a full day of rest. So I cracked open a brand new bake book. It was cupcake time. Sadly, the percentage of grapeseed oil was too high in relation to the percentage of the flour. Maybe somewhere between 25 to 30 percent too high, rendering the cupcakes overly oily and inedible. Shame, really, because the cost of allergy-friendly ingredients are not cheap. And I do not enjoy tossing cupcakes in the bin.

Today, we're painting the ceiling in the bedroom. And when I say we, I mean Tim. Although, I'm second string, so I'll be in to help with my share, once the ceiling is done. And let me tell you something about our bright new Vintage Bread Box Green (see image on side of blog), it's so bright that when we shut the lights off at night, we can still read.

Oh my gosh, I have the best husband ever.

06 November 2015

Friday Question: Papaya

The answer to Friday Question is ... papaya seeds. Strong little buggers that look like alien eggs but have a powerful pepper-like kick.

Friday Question: Who likes papaya? How do you like to eat yours? Have you ever made ice cream out of it? I was going to make a dairy-free ice cream, but then I ate the whole fruit, so maybe next time.

Thanks for playing and just because it's a fun day, I award you all a handful of alien eggs, three moldy spoonfuls of toe jam and one jar of fermented eyeballs. Please enjoy.

Friday Question: Have You Eaten These?

Thursday is coming to a close and boy, did staycation fly by. But, we've got three days to go and we plan on suckin' every last drop of fun, from those days.

First thing I'm doing when I wake up, is baking cupcakes or lemon squares. Then it's off to paint store because today, we're pulling the trigger on Vintage Bread Box.

PS: Image expands.

05 November 2015


After yesterday's rashout, I've been put on a full TIMEOUT. Or as Tim calls it, the Husband Card. We each get a card, and spend them wisely.

For me, it means no baking, even though I'm itchin' to make allergy-friendly cupcakes and lemon squares.

Meanwhile, Tim just came outside to check on me and said, "I'm in my underwear," Then he farted and raised his arms in victory, before leaving. Turns out, we're in matching Captain America shirts too. Only I'm not sporting a free Willy.

Cupcakes & Bread Boxes

As part of my gifts, Tim got me an allergy-friendly cupcake bake book. Since I already eat that way, I had most of the ingredients except, grapeseed oil. That's a new one for me. Excited to give it a go.

In health news, earlier today we hit the WholeFoods Co-Op and I got a rash. It's been hours now and I still look like a radish.

In other news, we dropped the Batcave and hit the store for more paint samples. We're going with Vintage Bread Box, because Tim knows how much I LOVE vintage bread boxes.

Is he the best hubby or what?

04 November 2015


It's about 1:30 in the morning and boy, our holiday time is whooshing by. As for the paint? Blue is a no-go. Or at least the one we tried. We're headed back in the morning to get 3 more tubs of sample paint. Then to the @Home store. Have you been? Ours is huge. Huge I say, huge.

And that my lovely Buttfaces concludes this post. Up next, slamming the lid on our coffins and getting a proper snooze.

03 November 2015

Having a Bad Day?

I'm not anywhere near having a bad day, but when this popped up, I just loved his little smile. So flippin' cute.

In other news, Halloween staycation is rockin'. And in other, other news, we got a sample tub of blue paint last night. Today, we'll do the one wall bit and see how we like it. I don't recall the real name, but we're going for a Batcave kinda feel.

Minus the Bat signal.

02 November 2015

Happy Belly

Hello Ooger Booger Butts. It's Monday and we're soon to head off to Home Depot for some paint for the bedroom. Gonna make it all nice like. But first, we'll meet up with his parents for breakfast at a Perkins. None for me, I'll just watch, but that's okay. Really, I don't mind at all. Besides, I just made sorghum and coconut flour pancakes for myself and man alive, they were good.

My belly is full. And happy.

So bring on the family time, then unplug the phone and bolt the windows, because we're going into lock down mode for the remainder of Halloween staycation.

01 November 2015

Halloween Staycation Report

Staycation Date: 305.202
We've invaded Barnes for the third time.  We used daylight saving time to our advantage.  One more hour at the bookstore.  We'll invade Wegman's afterwards.  I have some money.  I'm not afraid to use it.  Ingredients!

But for now, we're at Barnes.  Life is good.  Ingredients after.  Life is very good.

This concludes my Day Three of Staycation report.