18 February 2013

Cookie Crumb Dust

Today was my first day back in prep and I loved it.  I'm sore, hurting and totally pooped, but I don't care.  It felt great to be back at my station.  And before I knew it, I was covered in cookie crumb dust and brownie batter.

Not a bad way to begin the work week.

Meanwhile, for today's bake I sliced potato rounds (about 1 cm thick), sprinkled with good hot pepper flakes, and olive oil.  Then at the very last minute I tossed in organic spinach.

So simple and delicious that I gobbled it all up before getting a picture.  And yesterday's bake included almonds, dates, coconut and peanuts.  I don't have any pictures of those either.  I just might be the worst food blogger, ever.

But that's okay because it's three in the afternoon, I'm done with work, showered, ate, and already in my jams. 

All in all, a very good day.


  1. So glad you got your old job back! Now we get Happy Whisk again.

  2. So you've left the pizza place altogether now? They be sad to see you go? I'm glad you're happy in your work :))

  3. Glad you had a good first day back!

  4. Congrats on the great first day back at the job :)
    Do you have to be very fast and quick at your job, preparing food very speedy for the customers, or do you prepare it ahead and have time to do it? I imagine it could be stressful if you have to be fast.

  5. Sounds awesome. I like to get my shower and jams on as soon as I can when I get home too. Rest up, and take pics next time ;)

    1. Or... send us some and we'll take that pic for you. Right, Az?

  6. Happy to hear your back and happy at your old place. And how nice to be all done with everything for the day by 3! Awesome!

  7. So glad you had fun on your job today! Sure makes a difference, doesn't it?

  8. Alex: Woohoo! Hope your writing is going great today, and that you're kicking some serious butt.

    Niki: Yeppers. Just prep, now.

    Bard: It felt like my first day of school. Then Tim said it was more like my first day of second grade, because I've already been to the school before.

    Ken: Happy Happy, am I.

    Dezzy: Everything needs done by a certain time. And down (or up), to temp. Then depending on the night before, some things are priority. So they need done first, while balancing the regular pars.

    It's like a giant food puzzle.

    But no, it's not stressful, because I love the work. That being said, since I left, they've been through many, many, many, prep cooks.

    Most people hate the job.

    PS: Pars are what we call the amount of something. Like today, I had 4 brownie pars. So I made four skillets of brownies.

    Each day the pars change.

    Azra: I will try to do better with the pictures. I was just so hungry when I got home.

    Debra: Thanks. The old job was really getting to me.

    Southpaw: I liked your Blog symbol the best. Just was over at your place. And yeah, all wrapped up and ready for bed by 3pm, works for me.

    Stacy: Such a huge difference.

  9. Nice to hear you're back on the job, Whisk.

    1 cm thick potato rounds? Are you Canadian or something?

  10. Spawn: I write food in metric.

    And I didn't put any Kosher (or good sea salt), on the potatoes because I'm lowering my salt intake for now.

    Not that you asked about that, but I forgot to mention it in my post.

    Did you make anything yummy today?

  11. In your jams at three in the afternoon! What if someone came to your door?!lol. My son does the same thing if he gets out early. I can't seem to justify jammie time until at least 7 or 8pm.

  12. mshatch: I will answer in my jams. It's my house. My rules. I'll even take the dogs out in my jams.

  13. yep, I can imagine that lots of people hate the job. Both the cooking and the waitering jobs are difficult and stressful, and I think you can do it only if you love it and if you can find a balance and inner peace in the kitchen :)

  14. Dezzy: I never tried being a server, but the girls there like it because they get paid well.

    Prep is just about timing and getting the pars done within those times and temps, while cooking and baking other things at the same time.

    It's great fun. And, most days, I'm done with my shift early, with plenty of sunlight left.

    But good for me that they had so many quit since I left. That made the full-time spot all mine.


  15. I'm so glad you're able to get back into the groove of working again, Whisk =) I hope the pain eases up though. The potato rounds sounded so delicious!!

  16. Im happy you had a nice day Whisk!!
    The potatos sounds nice!!
    take care

  17. Yummiliciousness !!!

    I can see it in my mind ;D

  18. Elsie: Thanks, it's chronic, but we're making progress.

    Gloria: Thanks bunches.

    Kim: It was simple, but I loved it. Thanks.

  19. I like the sound of that bake. Slots are full for the week, but it's definitely one to keep in mind. Give or take availability, it's simple and good for all seasons.

  20. Porky: Two comments from you today. So happy to see you here.

    Yes, I love potatoes and sometimes, just a simple little side dish, as my main dish. Num, num.