Tuesday, February 19, 2013

British Football Bakes

Off work today.  You know how it is, off for a month from one job, start a new (old) job and then two more days off.  Just the way the schedule worked out.  Thursday my ass is back in prep.

Did a peanut bake today.  Wasn't good but it's re-workable.  Which brings me to nearly bake 60.  I think.  I'm losing track of the days.  I just know I keep on until the spring equinox.

But mostly I spent the morning watching bake shows on the 360.  One had two British footballers competing in a bake off.  A little funny.  But not educational.  Still not too bad to look at.  The footballers, not the sponges.  Those were horrible, but with faces like that, who cares if they can bake.


  1. Wha t is a peanut bake?

  2. we'd watch footballers in anything (and literally in anything LOL)

    1. I know you do, Dezzmeister :)

  3. Travis: I do different kinds of bakes, today's just starred the peanut. Wasn't good. So back to the drawing board.

    Dezzy: Your comment made me laugh.

    Alex: For them it's football, for you, soccer.

  4. What was the footie players name?

  5. Ray: Yummy One and Yummy Two.

    No, I really don't remember. Both were cute, but one was more cute. Or is it cuter? I dunno.

  6. Ray - My daughter would tell you footie players play Australian Rules Football (as she is a player). Just thought I'd put that out there!

    Whisk - You crack me up! Who'd have thunk you'd prefer the bakers to the baking?

  7. Sorry the peanut cake didn't work out. Can't wait to hear what you're going to try tomorrow.

  8. Aussie Rules? What's that?? ;0)

  9. Stacy: I can't help it.

    RaShelle: Hey, it's all writing, so I'll just correct stuff.

    Ray: You two are funny.

  10. Greetings from Syracuse NY! I saw your comment on my friend's Octoberfarm blog, and just had to come see your blog. It looks fun here. You will love OctoberFarm and all her cooking!

  11. Robin: Thank you for the visit and the nice words. I'm headed over to your place to check you out. Blogging is so fun. Get to interact with so many fun people.

    Cheers. Boogie boogie. And Welcome.

  12. Ah, soccer. For some reason it compels people to kill each other over one of the most boring sports of all time.