23 December 2012

Staycation .... Almost

Saturday I got called in, then after Tim snow-blowed the drive, I got a call back saying I didn't need to come in, but how about Sunday and I could have all Monday and Tuesday off.  Plus pick the hours I wanted to work on Sunday.

Pick my own hours? That's okay with me.

Plus work has been going better, or rather my attitude toward it.  Meanwhile, we're making good headway on redoing the bedroom.  Yesterday we got new closet doors, paint, supplies, and blinds.

All it cost me ... one homemade apple pie.

Life is good.

And now, I'm off to play with raw pizza dough - my most favorite shift.  Then to the market for some apples, and home to lock ourselves in for the duration of our staycation.


  1. That's a great deal! Now you and Tim get Christmas together. Enjoy - and send me some snow.

  2. That will make for a Merry Christmas.

  3. Have a Happy Christmas Whisk!

  4. Barter is awesome. So is raw pizza dough.

  5. People would do anything for an apple pie

  6. Have a great time and Merry Christmas, hard to get to grips it' Christmas Eve tomorrow


  7. Sounds like you got a nice Christmas present!

    How'd you get it to snow on your blog?

  8. ENJOY your staycation! Pie in swap for a bedroom redo sounds great. Have fun playing with that pizza dough. :) Wonderful Holidays to you!! (aw! cute Jack in the photo)

  9. Alex: I will send you buckets and buckets of snow.

    Rusty: Yeppers :-)

    Brutorz: Feels like forever since I've talked with you. Hope you are well.

    Merry Christmas :-)

    Mr.Blue: So nice to see you as well. Cheers and Merry Christmas.

    DEZMOND: Homemade, at that.

    Ian: Every year it goes faster and faster.

    Stacy: I will email you the code.

    Carol: And a most wonderful holiday and New Year to you. As for the swap, I think I got the better part of the deal.

  10. You and Tim have a wonderful holiday staycation! We finally got our family room done, so I feel for you. I wish it only cost us one apple pie. LOL

  11. THat's a nice trade off! Hope you have a wonderful Xmas and New Year's! And I love the snow on your blog! :D

  12. Suzan: Thanks. Merry Christmas :-)

    Pk Hrezo: Merry Christmas :-)

  13. Jennifer: And an an oogie boogie new year.

  14. Happy Happy Christmas! Would love some apple pie.

  15. Whisk! I love your blog. I keep forgetting to tell you that. Shame on me. Best for the Christmas season. Hope all your dreams come true. Candy Cane Dust... yummy!

  16. Locked-in staycation? Wonderful until the whole "Shining" thing kicks in.

  17. Carol: Wishing you a great one.

    Anne: I'll teleport you a slice.

    Joylene: Thank you for the kind words. And may all your writing dreams come true.

    Gloria: So many yummy treats on your blog. Happy Holidays.

    Adam: Merry Christmas to you.

    Hanny: Hahahaha.

  18. Just wanted to wish you and Tim a Merry Christmas and a happy staycation!

  19. Hope you had a happy, healthy and funtastic staycation!

    The holidays always seem to blow by faster than a wind in a hurry, or snow starting to flurry, or a reindeer in a frenzied furry!

    Now we're heading off to 2013!