22 December 2012

It's Snowing on My Blog

Check it out, it's snowing on my blog and outside my window.  How 'bout that.

I got the snowflake idea from Dezmond.  Please check out his blog.  I like his set up.  I can easily find everything.

As for my setup, I had a blue background to show off my flakes but didn't like it with the food shots.  So I'm still tinkering.  Tinker.  Tinker.

But first, I'm gonna see if I can drag Tim to the paint store.  I might have to bribe him with some homemade goodies.

Meanwhile, here's an old old shot I took of a scary snow tree.  Happy Winter (or Summer depending).

Cheers and boogie boogie.


  1. where did blue go, I liked the blue :) I think it went nice with your food shots since they're mostly brown and beige :) I'd still put three shades of blue in the two bars and in the background :)
    Love the snow!

  2. I was afraid to go for the bars because when I clicked it, it said it would lose all my other other stuff.

    I am not as good at this as you. But I'm learning. When I do my coupon blog, if I do my coupon blog, I want it to be more active like yours. And easy to find stuff.

    You've got a great page.

    Thank for the inspiration.

  3. Yay, I love the snow! I never get any real snow here in Florida. We actually have our first super cold (IMO) day today.

    Happy holidays!!

  4. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Happy Solstice!

  5. The white works for me. Must e nicce with a bit of snow to make you extra Christmasey, her it's rain and fog. Still we are all ready.

    Have a great Christmas


  6. Snowflakes are cook, Whisk! I've seen several bloggers use those.
    Wish we had snow outside...

  7. you shouldn't lose stuff if you work on design, not before you click SAVE CHANGES button.
    I'd help you, but Blogger usually sends you an alert if somebody else tries to enter your dashboard from another location :(

  8. alexia: Congrats on a super cold day.

    Those are nice too.

    Daisey: Happy Solstice :-)

    Ian: You guys have a great Christmas, too. Yes, the snow always makes it feel more like Christmas to me.

    Melanie: Woohoo for Blogger Snow :-)

    Alex: Be better if you could see them but I stopped working on my blog background.

    DEZMOND: When my husband added more columns, it screwed with his past pictures. Overall, I'm a fan of the white. I like a bright clean page.

    But after we're done ripping apart the bedroom to get it redone, I might come back and play more here. Or work on the coupon blog.

    Thanks for the snowflake idea.

  9. I like the snowflakes. They look neat drifting over the pups.

    You can keep the real stuff though. It's in the forties down here, and the new pup is curled up next to me.

  10. Suzan: Fourties, wow. That's a heatwave. Sounds like the new pup wants to stay.

    Just saw the snowflakes come down on the pups. I like that too. Took some shots of them today playing outside. Funny little buggers, they are.

  11. You dont seem to be taking a lot of photos with your new camera???

  12. Stick the blue back up, I need to see what all the fuss was about.

  13. Niki: Took a bunch of the pups yesterday in the snow and some of my food last week but never posted them. Right now we're redoing rooms in the house. But many more pictures are on the way.

    Ray: Hahahahaha.

  14. While we're on the subject of boogie boogie, check out Dezzy's moves... HERE.

  15. Grumpy: Welcome to my blog. I'm headed over to check yours out.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.