21 December 2012

Lost My Boot

Woohoo, we finally have snow.  And what pretty snow it is.  Meanwhile, I can't find my left boot.  It's gone missing.  I think Bug took it.

And in other news, those stuffed dough balls I made a few days back ... well, I'm happy to report that the plain ones have a shelf life of 48 hours.  They weren't as fresh, of course, but they were still good after two days and for that I am happy.

And in other, other news, it's the Winter Solstice (or Summer), and that means I look back at the last three months, and set myself one new goal in celebration of the Solstice - to be completed in the next three months.  And I get one gift.  I'm going for a pastry cutter, the rolly kind.

That's about it, here.  Off to a Cinderella shift later, followed by an entire Saturday off.  WooFrickin'Hoo.

I'm one happy camper.

PS: Today I'm shooting for my fourth good day at work.


  1. Boot is gone? Fenced? Pawned?

  2. I'm hoping we get snow at some stage. Snow good.

  3. We got snow, but also wind. I don't like the wind.

    Give Bug your other boot. Maybe she'll take it to its mate!

    Here's hoping you have your fourth good day. And if it starts to turn icky, just look out at all the snow! That should put a smile on your face.

  4. Tim: I hope you do too.

    Stacy: Two excellent ideas. Thanks. Though it helps that the Cinderella shift is right before a day off. Really gets me excited and puts me in a good mood.

  5. Alas it's all rain here plus a whole lot of wind :(

    Glad you got snow and I hope you find your boot!

  6. We've had almost 18 inches of snow in the last 36 hours. LOTS of shoveling and no fear of a green Christmas! YAY! :) Hope you enjoy a wonderful Christmas :)

  7. Snow?! I'm melting into a puddle :( Too hot for me. I'm grumpy! :/

  8. I'm wishing for some snow. An entire Saturday off sounds like a good time.

  9. mshatch: Tim found my boot!

    Hope you get snow. Unless you don't want snow.

    Jemi: Ah, 18 inches. We use to always get that but the last few winters have really been mild.

    Niki: Happy Summer to you :-)

    Susan: Hope you get some of this pretty pretty snow. Merry Christmas.

  10. No snow here in the UK.......yet? Hope you found that boot, minus Bug slobber!

  11. We've had snow here for months, way too much of it.

    Want some?

  12. Ray: Tim found it.

    DWei: We get snow in early fall but not lately. Just been weird winters.

    But this weekend, we got a ton. So much fun since I don't have to be to work.

  13. hooray for the snow! Wish we had it too, but no such luck, they say we shall have +15*C this week :(

    I did see a boot walking away towards Paris.... with a single flip flip.... I smell scandal....