20 December 2012

Dare I Say ...

That I had fun at work yesterday and I'm looking forward to going in again this morning.  Yeppers.  It's true.  I had fun.

And today I start early, which I love.  And I get to play with raw pizza dough, which I also love.  Then after work we'll both be  home together for a homemade supper, followed by chores.

Maybe the chores won't be as fun as playing with raw dough, but we're coming up on changing the bedroom all about, including possibly a new paint job, so woohoo.

Very excited.  Can't wait for that.

Car is about warmed up, time for me to head out.  No Spider-Man red shirt today.  Going with Adidas and a black babuska with big white polka dots.

It's gonna be another good day.


  1. I disagree with Alex, painting is tons of fun!

    I'm so glad you had fun at work and you can go in today with a smile on your face and know you get to play with some pizza dough. Enjoy!

  2. Playing with raw dough, sounds like the days when I worked in a nursery, that shit gets everywhere!

  3. mmm pizza... drools... when can I casually pop over to have a taste? :)

  4. Alex: Not a fan, huh?

    Elsie: Thanks, me too.

    Ray: You mean poop? Gross.

    DEZMOND: How in the world did you get it to snow on your blog? Very cool stuff. And your welcome anytime.

    mshatch: Three in a row, now.

  5. Dezzy is omnipotent :) I can make it snow anywhere, I'm friends with the penguins... :)

  6. When work is fun it's almost not work.

  7. What if you had a big lump of pizza dough on your head like a beret while you did chores? Would that cheer ya up?

  8. I'm glad you're enjoying work at the moment. We've just had the house painted inside and out due to earthquake cracks. Such a big difference! :)

  9. Susan: Very true.

    Hanny: It'll be a new look.

    Niki: For the moment, is right. Three good days in a row. I'm shooting for a fourth.

    Repainted your house - hope the cracks weren't too much of a bother to cover. Bet the place looks great.

  10. love the snow :) and the blue is nice too, but you should put the main post bar maybe in a lighter blue, and then your sidebar in a bit darker too to make it different from the background.

  11. DEZMOND: Thanks. That's not a bad idea, I just don't like the blue with the food shots. And now with my new camera, I'll be doing more shots of food again.