28 December 2012

I'm Cranky

Been a long shift at the pizza shoppe.  The girl that did the Cinderella shift last night missed lots of stuff, and set me WAY behind, before I even started.   So I was a bit agravated and cranky.

I hate being cranky.

Thankfully now I'm home.  And the oven is preheating while I type.  Soon to make toasted garlic bread shmeared with butter, garlic, good cheese, salt and parsley.

As for the chicken knees, as Tim calls them (see last post), those are done.  All I gotta do now is make cheese sauce.

Then after supper, it's time to get to that cinnamon bread so we can enjoy it for tomorrow morning's French toast, with GOOD bacon and homemade breakfast potatoes.

Nothing like baking to let go of the day's crap.

You Boogerbutts have a good night. 


  1. So what time do I need to come over for Breakfast?

  2. OH! I hate when that happens! Nothing like following someone that doesn't get their job done!! Sounds like you have gone a lovely evening ahead of you!! (P.S. I love that you specified GOOD bacon...because there is a difference!!) =)

  3. Mmmm...she said bacon.

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  6. I had to go on my computer to delete the triplicate bacon comments. The thought of seasoned, smoked meats messes with the smart phone.

    That being said, good bacon does deserve three rounds of "Mmmm..."

  7. That's right - don't let the day's crap get you down!!

  8. Brutorz: 'bout 10ish.

    Melanie: Yeah, it's not so fun when there's a lack of teamwork. Yes, yes, on the GOOD bacon.

    Ken: GOOD bacon, at that.

    Ken: Bacon will do that.

    Alex: So true.

  9. I like a bit of garlic bread, good garlic bread!

  10. Brutorz: Sounds good. Tim plays the 360, so if you game on the xbox, we've got a second controller.

    Lurker: Yes, GOOD garlic bread. So nice to see you back. Sorry to hear you were sick.

  11. Garlic bread... one of life's great comfort foods.

    Not good for vampires, of course, sparkly or otherwise.

  12. William: Hahahaha. True on both counts.