28 December 2012


I'm not cranky anymore (see last post).

And dig my mini cinnamon breads.  They're on the rise a wee bit more, before I pop those babies in the oven. 

Excited to slice them open and see the swirly part.  And then dip the pieces into egg and then toss those suckers on the griddle.  Breakfast at 10ish, so don't be late.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

Raw, shaped, and almost ready for baking.


  1. The baking worked then! Count me in for breakfast, those cinnamon breads look very mouthwatering :D

  2. i will be right over!! hahaha...new follower, hi!

  3. look amazing whisk, and I love your new header, always are amazing!!xoxox

    Happy new year!!!

  4. Did you get some more snow to go with your rolls? Hope they turned out yummy! They certainly look it.

  5. Tim: It's like magic :-)

    Tammy: Welcome, welcome.

    Gloria: Thanks & Happy 2013.

    Alex: Cool beans.

    Stacy: It's snowing. I have the Cinderella shift tonight, so hopefully it won't be too bad on the ride home.


    Thanks, those are raw. I'll post the insides in a bit.

  6. Ooh, those look yummy. Enjoy your breakfast :)

  7. somebody needs to bake me some cinnamon rolls, I've never had them in my life and me needs it, me wants it....

  8. DEZMOND: These are similar, only these are good for dipping into egg. Where the rolls are wonderful for having globs of icing.

    Stay tuned ... they're on the way.