12 November 2012

Cinderella Shift

The other night at work, I was on the floor with a broom and dust pan, my apron tucked under my knees and a babuska on my head and I said to my manager, "I feel like Cinderella."

"You look like her," she told me.

I miss my old prep cook job where I always worked with the food.  But it wasn't enough hours to get us a house, and this job is.  Only I don't get to cook all that much, and sometimes that makes me feel sad.  Only I don't want to be sad.

So here's what I'm gonna do.  I'm going to get back to my cookbooks, which lately, I've been way too pooped to do.

Too pooped I tell ya, just too pooped. 

And on that note, it's time to get that babuska on my head and drive my butt to work.  But then tomorrow I have off so who knows ... you might just see a food post.

See you Boogerbutts later.

Your Friend,


  1. Cook at home tomorrow - you'll feel better!

  2. You can't be Cinderella. You already have your prince. Go get them cookbooks done. I want one with lots of pictures in.

  3. Did the mice help you with your chores?

  4. Hope you got a chance to cook -- food posts are great!

  5. (typo - should be "get a chance to cook") :)

  6. If the shoe fits wear it, Cinderella.

    I don't follow this advice myself, but but you do have to follow your bliss, so it seems like the cookbooks are in that direction.

  7. Looking forward to seeing what you've got "cooked" up in tomorrow's post! :)

  8. And you have that lovely new camera to take pictures of your delicious food for your cookbook!

  9. Lurker: Thanks bunches :-)

    Alex: I sure hope so.

    Susan: Ohhh, that is a great comment. And he really is.

    Thanks for the support.

    Ray: They were too busy eating leftover pizza, little buggers.

    Bard: I need to do more. Thank you for the nice words.

    Bard: Bought some new sugar to play with tomorrow.

    Spawn: Love cooking, just been too tired. But I still gotta get back to it. Thanks.

    Stacy: Me too. I'm hoping to play.

    Suzan: That's partly why Tim got it for me. He's a good egg. Thanks for dropping in.

  10. I like your food posts - except they always make me want whatever it is you've made :)

  11. mshatch: Thanks. I made peanut butter and chocolate scones today, but haven't written the post about it yet.

  12. Keep thinking it's all for Cindy's Cool Crib...

    Hard work will pay off in the long run :D keep going girl, it's the only way to get ahead.

  13. Kim: Honestly, when I get down about not cooking for my job, I do think about that house.

    Helps a lot.

  14. Oooh, peanut butter & chocolate scones sound yummy!

    Sorry you didn't get much snow. I know how much you love it. It's just COLD here (25 deg this morning). I already miss the warm weather!

  15. Sorry to hear that you don't get to cook much at work~ looking forward to hearing what you're cooking up at home, though!

  16. Stacy: I do enjoy the snow. Even more if I don't have to be anywhere.

    Jess: Thanks. When I first took the job I didn't realize just how little cooking I'd be doing. But ... the full-time is good.

    Just gotta focus more on home cooking.

  17. Peanut butter and chocolate scones?

    *reaches through computer screen to snatch them...*

  18. Shalet: Thank you.

    William: Teleporting some now.