16 May 2012

Bagged & Tagged

Check this out.  I bought a new FoodSaver for $14.88

$84.99 - Target in-store price and with tax, $90.09.
$76.49 - Target online price.

Only when I got to the store, I didn't know it would be higher.  So I asked for a price adjustment and bam, I got it.

Hot dog.

But wait, it gets better.

$84.99 -- Before Tax
-$8.50 -- Price Adjustment
-$10.00 -- Manufacture Coupon
-$10.00 -- Target Coupon (my Target allows stacking)
+$3.39 -- Taxed
-$5.00 -- Promotional Target Gift Card
Given after buying on-sale, and couponed garbage bags.
-$40.00 -- Promotional Visa Gift Card
Tim received when he bought his printer and ink, at Staples.
$14.88 -- Total OOP (out of pocket), expense.
Total savings with real in-store price - $75.21

How 'bout them apples?  Not too shabby.  Now, if I really wanted a zero out of pocket purchase, I could have bought more garbage bags, but given I was out of garbage bag coupons, it wasn't the logical choice.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have several pounds of 59 cent per pound chicken, that needs bagged and tagged. 

Cheers and boogie boogie.


  1. Savannah: That's weird, I left a comment on your blog, asking you what happened to your sisters blog - and then I got emailed a weird email about not being able to delivery my comment.

    Hope all is okay with you two.

  2. I bow to the master!
    Now go bag some chicken.

  3. Alex: Hahaha, now go bag some chicken. I fixed my email thing. Thanks for the help on that.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  4. Good grief! I'm taking YOU shopping with me from now on, woman! Good for you!!! That is so excellent. :)

  5. Can't decide which is more mind-blowing - the finale of Fringe I just watched or your mathematical prestidigitation?

  6. Lurker: Loved the little barrels on your blog. So cute. Good luck with the battle between you and Miss Anne. I hear she may defect to the Land of Ray.

    Carol: I bet we'd have fun.

    Flea: That is a hard word for me to pronounce. One of my prep buddies calls it green magic.

    Rayolla: Word on the street is that Miss Anne is defecting to your world. My goodness, I missed so much when I was gone.

  7. Holy crap Ivy! I do believe you are officially a pro at couponing!!! Well done my friend, well done indeed!

  8. man, you must be the coupon queen and if you're not you should be!

  9. Stacking all of those discounts reminds me of a crazy game of Magic: the Gathering when your opponent lights you up with a bewildering combo that leaves you lifeless and ruined. Way to go! Ivy 1, Target 0!

  10. You slam dunked this one Whisk. I've never seen anything quite like it and I admire your tenacity in beating the price down like you did. Now go bag and tag that chicken!!

  11. That is the best feeling!!!

  12. Glad to have you back, loving the coupon battles, you really are the Queen


  13. Very awesome!! I'm envious =)

  14. Lo-mo: Coming up on four months of lots and lots of learning. Still much more to learn, but I'm enjoying the game.

    mshatch: Love your new header. Forgot to tell you that the other day when I commented on your log.

    christian: Hahahahahaha. Love that.

    Kim: Yeppers, yeppers. Still haven't found a great deal on jogging shoes, yet. But I'm a'lookin'.

    Hope your running is going well.

    Anne: It's a great deal of fun. Good luck with your battle with the big Irish dude. Hope you don't defect to Rayolla Land.

    Melanie: It's ain't too shabby, at that.

    Ian: We're saving for a car, so this really helps. Thanks for the nice words and thanks for stopping by.

    Bard: So happy, I was.

    Elsie: It's easy to learn. Are you considering couponing? It's so much frickin' fun.

  15. You are my kind of shopper Whisk. I also get more excited over how much I saved on a purchase than the actual item itself!!

    I wish I could find stores in my area that allowed stacking coupons.

    Woo-woo to your new foodsaver!

  16. Mo D: Howdy Hello. I'm just as happy about the product, as the price. I'm a kitchen worker. Love all useful toys, and the things I can make with them.

    So much fun :-)

    Do you have a Walgreens?

  17. It shows how much time I spend in a kitchen that I have to look up what a food saver is....

  18. I have no idea what a food saver is, but I super love a good deal. Yay!

  19. Whoa, what a deal!! Happy food saving :)

  20. William: I've had to Google stuff that I've read about on blogs as well.

    alexia: It's a groovy kitchen toy.

    Jess: Thanks. And Happy Weekend.