11 May 2012

How's it Hangin'?

They're dingle danglin' pretty good over here. Tim started his new zine, Wiggy turned 1, Bug's still a trouble maker, and next week I start a 2nd kitchen job.

How's it hangin' on your end?


  1. Work, writing, family and more writing...good luck with the new job.

  2. Welcome back Whisk! Things ain't so bad.

  3. Denise: Glad to hear you are writing, writing, writing.

    BRENDAN: Glad things ain't so bad. Ain't so bad here either. Thanks for the welcome back.

  4. Yayyy! Good to have you back on the Internetz, Ivy!

  5. Thanks, Tim: It's nice to be back. And double thanks for promoting Tim's zine.

  6. Whisk!!! You have been missed BIG time.

  7. You're back! Yay!
    I've missed you.
    Been busy editing and doing nothing at work (except, maybe writing my new book when it's safe!). Same old, same old!

  8. Alex: Thanks for the wonderful comment and thanks for including me in your A to Z.

    That was kind of you.

    Stacy: I've missed chatting with you and reading your blog. Will play catch up next week and go back to read your older posts.

    Writing a new book? That is FANTASTIC news. Looking forward to reading more about it.

    Happy Writing.

  9. Not too bad and good to have you back my Queen.

  10. Lurker: Thanks bunches and boogie boogie. I've missed reading the adventures of Fran and Rayolla.


  11. All fine and dandy my end, good to have you back Whisk!!!

  12. You came highly recommended by Anne. Glad to see you and welcome back =)

  13. nice you are here again:) missed you
    I was a terrible week:( but thanks God is fridau:)

  14. Good.
    Busy at work, busy at home (just moved 7 tons of landscaping rock all without super-powers) but still having time to game, imagine that!

  15. Yes lass, it good to have you back!

    Kicked off my first campaign in 15 years (and got to use Tim's Zine too!) and are much closer to finally moving the last stuff from my wife's old apartment

  16. Off two days in a row. Just 'cause.

  17. Happy Friday! Tell Wiggy happy bday for me.

  18. Ray: Fine and dandy, sounds good.

    Elsie: Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world.

    Gloria: I am just finished with my days off and about to go into a busy weekend at the restaurant.

    Happy Friday :-)

    bliss: Without super powers? Holy cupcakes, Batman. That's a lot of rocks to haul.

    Glad you're getting your gaming in.

    Tenkar: In 15 years? That is very cool that you got back to it and pretty neat that you used Tim's zine.

    Glad you and the wife are about done moving the last of her stuff. Whew. I remember when I moved in with Tim. We had SO many books, that we donated some of them straight away.

    Trey: Just finished my two days off. Hope you enjoy yours.

    alexia: Miss Wiggy says thank you for the birthday wishes.

  19. She's alive! Have a blast at the new job!

  20. nice to see you :)

    all is well/the same here albeit warmer than it was - finally!

  21. Doing well, though I wish it would stop sleeting in Colorado :)

  22. Hanging tough here with my laptop in the shop.

  23. I'm doing alright. The dissertation is now completely, officially finished and I am unequivocally a PhD in Anthropology, and finally making a decent living as a post-doc. Heading to Belize for two weeks tomorrow morning. I'll probably bring back a bunch of Marie Sharp's hot sauce since there is nothing worthwhile in central PA. If I have enough I may send them other deprived souls out in the blogospherium.

  24. The Hubby is getting ready to finally have surgery, just waiting to hear from the doctors on the date.

    It's good to have you back Whisk. Things haven't been the same over at Fran's and Ray's place without you. It was like a light went out over there when you left.

    I hope all is well with you!!

  25. Good, you're back!

    I've been busy continuing with Operation World Domination, of course.

  26. the world is a better place...

  27. Hey, boogie, boogie, boogie back at ya! Welcome back!

  28. Everyone: Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. It's great to hear from you all.

    See below ...

    Brutorz: Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you're having a groovy day.

    Suzan: And a howdy hello to you. Hope your books are selling and that the writing is going well.

    mshatch: Nice here today. Cool, but sunny. Hope you're getting lots of great photos of spring.

    Jess: Hope your mom's day was great, Jess. And I hope it's stop sleeting.

    Susan: Laptop in the shop. Dang. Hope it returns home safely.

    Dr. Endra: I am super duper excited and happy for you. You worked your ass off and I hope you have a great time in Belize.

    Haven't tried Marie Sharp's hot sauce but I will keep an eye out.

    Miss Anne: Feels like ages since we've chatted. I hope your trip to Ireland was a great one.

    I'll drop you an email after I answer comments. Nice to have you back in the states.

    William: Glad to hear that world domination continues, on your end. How's the blogging going?

    iZombie: You'll forever be iZombie to me. How is Miss Izzy these days? I hope I spelled her name correctly.

    Wiggy is good. She recently turned one. Wow, that year went fast.

    Bard: Thanks. Hope you and Mrs. Bard are doing well.

    Things ain't too bad here. I've started the new gig and really really love it.