25 May 2012

Bye Bye Comfort Zone

I've been juggling both my prep cook and my new pizza job.  The second job is not solely prep, but instead a bit of everything.  It's a small privately owned pizza shoppe, who believes in cross-training.

And nearly everything is scratch-made.  Love that.

It's been a tough go at first.  Working tickets is not the same thing as prep cook.  For me, the line is harder.

Bye bye comfort zone.

The good news is I still come home and play in my own kitchen.  The other night I made more stuffed bagels and today I woke thinking about dough and what I can do with it.

Also tried capicola for the first time at work.  Then I bought some at the market.  Sliced paper thin.  Just tastes better that way.  I don't know the science behind why. 

Meanwhile, Tim and I are on a mini staycation.  He's been sampling MS Publisher, and I'm fixin' to play in my kitchen, then catalog a stack of coupons.

You Boogerbutts have a groovy weekend.

Cheers and boogie boogie.


  1. Hey Whisk! Glad you're having fun with the pizza job. All fresh ingredients sounds awesome. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Funny, i would love to work in a pizza shop, something about the smell of pizza, the variety of toppings, the (potential) busy-ness that appeals to me.

  3. I love pizza places that do everything from scratch! Yeah, taking tickets is a lot different than working prep. Each one has its challenges--I'm sure you'll adapt in no time :)

    Stuffed bagels sound yummy.

  4. yummm...I got stuck at the stuffed bagels...one of these days I'm going to quit drooling and try to make some bagels!

  5. ooh I'm on a mini stay-cation, too! Happily writing rather than cooking - altho I did bake an awesome salmon steak last night with my own crushed tamari almond/maple syrup/grey poupon topping. It was killer, much to my pleasant surprise. Hope you enjoy your time off as much as I enjoy mine :)

  6. Been wondering were you've been hiding. Have a great weekend!

  7. Now I feel compelled to go have pizza!

  8. Alex: Happy Weekend to you as well. Nice having time home.

    Paladin: Sometimes when it gets busy, and I manage to work the line correctly, it's a little bit of a rush.

    Happy Weekend.

    Jess: Thanks for the support. Hope your weekend goes well. Teleporting you stuffed bagels now.

    Daisey: They are so fun to make. John has Tim's email, if you have any questions.

    mshatch: Woohoo to mini staycations. Usually we take ten days this time a year. But this time about, we're only doing four.

    Still better than none.

    Just nice to get away from work.

    Ray: I so enjoyed Fran's post with your picture. Best post of the week.

    William: What is your favorite kind of pizza?

  9. Gee, that makes me hungry for pizza. Regretfully, I just had a tooth pulled and can't eat anything but gruel or hamburgers from a blender. Booo.

    Enjoy your staycation - I'm looking forward to mine. :)

    - Ark

  10. Whisk, I could use some pizza, pizza!

  11. Ark: Hope you feel better soon and can eat good stuff, even sooner.

    That picture on your blog looked like maggots. Pretty cool.

    Chuck: I recently had some Pizza Pizza! and even though it wasn't scratch-made, I enjoyed it.

    But I liked their cheesy bread even more. Got a fresh one.

    Mmmmm ... gooood.

  12. Back atcha - have a wonderful weekend

  13. Good to hear things are progressing for you, used to make pizzas in one of the restaurants I worked in, have a good weekend my Queen!

  14. If I worked in a place like this I'd go up 3 dress sizes. Glad to hear that you still have time to play in the lab and to coupon. Have a good one Whisk!

  15. Kim: Hope you get a good run in this weekend. Cheers

    Lurker: I knew you were a chef but I didn't know about the pizzas. Very cool.

    It's a slow progression but good to keep moving forward, and learn more.

    Anne: And our break food is free.

    Hope things are getting better your way. Been thinking about ya.

  16. Working outside your comfort zone can be a good thing, Ivy. But I'm with Anne--I'd need to dig out the fat jeans if I worked in a shoppe that made scratch pizzas!

  17. It's great you like the new job and I really like that they both cross train and use all fresh stuff. Got to say that's my kind of place


  18. If I lived with you, I would weigh about 200 pounds more than I do. I would have to sample all the wonderful goods you invent.

  19. Suzan: I fully agree. Plus, it was time for me to learn more.

    Ian: The scratch cooking is what drew me to the place. That and Tim's been eating there for years and years.

    Susan: But if you lived close we could go jogging, and burn off all we ate.

  20. I'm glad you're getting some cross training in. I dated a chef and he worked his way up by doing the same thing-good for you! Happy Weekend!

  21. Elsie: At this point, I'm like a sponge. Socking up as much knowledge as I can.

    Rather fun, at that.

  22. My favourite has to be meat lovers.

  23. It sounds all so yummy. I've never tried bagels before. We gets lots in the pig scraps from the supermarket. The pigs and chooks think they're tasty.

  24. Holy busy bee batman! You must be trying to stay out of trouble or something! Glad to see you are enjoying everything and still getting time to play in the kitchen.

  25. Enjoy your not-so-comfortable zone. I think it's cool you're learning so much.

  26. William: I still have to try the jalapeno cheese bread.

    Niki: Ugh, supermarket bagels.

    Lo-mo: Thanks. I wish I could get paid to work my kitchen only.

    RaShelle: As much as I can.


  27. Wow, I'm so behind on my blog reading. Glad you're enjoying the pizza shoppe, and I hope the staycation was good (that's what we did too -- left the job at the office at once and watched lot of Netflix and played computer games).

    And who is this "Ms. Publisher" Tim's been fooling around with? He should be ashamed! Oh, wait. I mis-read that...

  28. Oops, should have been "left the job at the office for once"...

  29. Bard: It is nice to leave the job at the job and just have a weekend home.

    Sometimes I do better than that then other times.

    Hahahaha, on the Ms Publisher.

  30. Bard: You know, I read for once, even though it's not what you wrote.

    Glad you and Mrs. Bard had a good weekend too.