10 March 2012

I Played Today

And made a new batch of doggy treats.

I smashed carrots and bits of chicken (both leftover from homemade chicken stock).  Then I added Irish oats and flour, until the mixture was dough-like.  Rolled the dough and cut. 

Baked at 350F (176C).  Flipped them half-way through and took them out when they were done.  About 30 minutes.

I also rolled some of the dough into logs and cut into bite sized training treats.  And if you wanted, you could roll the dough flat and use fun cookie cutter shapes.

And that was my day.  I got to be home on a Saturday which is rare.  Then tomorrow back to work and tomorrow night, Worst Cooks in America.

I love that show.

That's all for now.  Hope you're having an oogie boogie day. 

Actual Size


  1. And what did the dogs think of those treats?

  2. Alex: They loved them. Wiggy was raised on homemade treats. But Bug's always had a weak belly. So we'll see how this batch does for her.

    And what a fun way to use up chicken stock leavings.

    Hope you're having a groovy weekend.

  3. Gee they look so yummy. Making my mouth water!!

  4. Niki: They didn't taste too bad. And they have a chicken pot pie smell to them. Fun to make, too.

  5. Looks to good for dogs!!!!


  6. When I saw the pic come up on my sidebar I thought I was looking at homemade ravioli. I bet your dogs love you to bits and I'm not going to let my dogs know that homemade treats exist.

  7. They look tasty!!! I'd give them a go except I don't want a wet nose and shiny hair!!!

  8. Baur: They didn't taste too bad.

    Ian: Too good for the pups? But they are fun to spoil.

    Ragnardbard: Howdy Hello to you. I haven't seen you in ages. Nice to have you drop-in today. I'll be about your blog this week to see what you've been up to.

    Anne: It just so happens I have ingredients for home made ravs, in the fridge. Got the stuff on sale and with a coupon. Yes I did.

    Hope you enjoyed mass and painting today. I look forward to seeing your work and reading about the fun you're about to have with the minis.

    Ray: I wish I had a funny smart ass remark but I am pooped from work and fresh out of wise cracks.

  9. my dog wishes I'd make him some homemade treats. Those do look yummy!

  10. Oh my goodness! You have some spoiled pups! I love the new banner!

  11. mshatch: How come you don't?

    christian: Spoiled is so much more fun than not spoiled.