12 March 2012

17 Days Left

It's a frickin' beautiful sunny morning, and I love it.

Meanwhile, here at the Manor, I have 17 days left of my coupon challenge, and I've already cracked into my second 100 dollars.

The $200 limit is a challenge but I'm going to see it through until I reach day 28.  Then reevaluate and set up the next 28 day challenge.

So for now, I'm making my way to the end, little by little, coupon by coupon.  Thanks for reading and boogie boogie.


  1. Good luck and you should accomplish it easily, you're the coupon Queen....

  2. Lurker: It's a challenge because I've included all toiletries, and stuff like that.

    Congrats on reaching 1,000 followers.

  3. It's great here as well. I'm having a corker, pay for it when the rain comes back but I don't care!!!!

  4. Ian: I just started pouring. I don't know what happened. One minute I was in the yard, sun out, bright and beautiful. The next minute, bam, tons of cold and rain.

    That's okay too. I'll just keep working on bills and budgets.

    But first, I have to go google, corker.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  5. Alex: We'll be eating toothpaste sandwiches, by the end of it.

  6. Well its now 1911 here in the UK and its bloody freezing!!!! Go! Go! Go! with the coupons!!!!!

  7. Hope you enjoyed your sunny day! It rained all day here, but toward dusk the sun peeked out beneath the cloudline and made pretty colors. :)

  8. All Hail the Coupon Queen!

  9. gorgeous here today, too - I only wish I could've gotten out a little more :)

  10. I'm so impressed. You've made me really think about how I can save more.

  11. It's miserable and cold here with bits of rain. But I had the most delicious lunch at the casino...salmon with a herb crust on top of egg noodles with veg and a yummy sauce. I wish I knew how to make yummy sauces. I only make gravy from roasts.

    Keep up the good coupon work :)

    My nan always said 'corker' :)

  12. I was so beautiful yesterday - 68F and sunny I went for a four hour stroll! It was fantastic.

    Good luck with the challenge!

  13. Ray: It turned cold real fast.

    Bard: Yeah, the sunshine left here, and we got hit with rain. I love those pretty sky colors.

    Did you get pictures?

    Trey: I don't think I'll make my goal for the 28 days. I'll try.

    mshatch: Were you working?

    Susan: So nice of you to say. I cannot believe how much I once spent on a single trip. Blows my mind.

    Niki: All this blogging internationally is really teaching me some new words. I love that.

    Your fish sounds great. Though I gotta add, making a good gravy is a wonderful talent. I have no doubt you could transfer that into yummy sauces.

    Southpaw: 68? Woohoo. And a four hour stroll? Double woohoo.