13 March 2012

Super Duper

Last night was a rough one.  Lots of tossing, turning and pain - after I twisted the bum leg and set my healing time, back.

Woke up a bit grumpy, shall we say ... 

But after I started moving, things felt a billion times better and I hit the markets.  I even got to enjoy the store cafe.  And better than that, the market was nearly empty.

Absolute heaven.

That's about all from me.  I'm still feeling good and so it's time for chores.  Plus, my car isn't coupon-friendly, yet.

One Super Duper Coupon Car, coming up.

But first, check out the color on this baby.  Grilled with the perfect amount of sweet Hungarian paprika and mayo on the outside, and cheese and spicy habanero on the inside.

I haven't cut it open yet.  But I'm about too. 


  1. If your car has you in it, it should be coupon friendly!
    Glad you're feeling better.

  2. Alex: Hahahahahahaha. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Glad to hear you're back on your feet!

  4. Oh hoping your leg heals quickly - got my fingers X'd for you :)

  5. Carter: Thanks bunches.

    Kim: I miss jogging, the most. How goes your training?

  6. Hope your feeling better and what the hells a habaneras????

  7. Ray: They are one of favorite hot peppers. So much flavor. Love them.

    My goodness. No honey, no unicorns, and now no habaneras?

  8. Unhappy to hear about the unsnazzy leg. Being a former broken femur person, I know how that slow fix feels. Ow.

    Your kitchenery is inspiring to a distracted non-kitchen focussed bachelor like myself. I generally only cook properly a few times a week, when my boys are over to stay. One should be kind to oneself in the kitchen though too, wouldn't you say Whisk?

  9. Ragnardbard: Thank you for the very nice comment. It's funny how we can get healed a bit and then something happen, and then bam, back to it again. Thankfully, the pain as been very little today.

    We should be kind to ourselves in the kitchen. Yes indeed.

    What do you make for your boys?

  10. That looks real good but sounds weird, good to hear you're on the mend my Queen...

  11. yup, I use mayo, too, and chives :)

  12. Lurker: Thanks. It's taking forever and really cut down on my kitchen time.

    I laughed at you and Ray today going back and forth on your blog.

    mshatch: Chives, very nice. Num, num. Sometimes I use this butter spread stuff but I fancy the mayo, lightly coated.

  13. Hope you get to feeling 100% better and that the rest of your week will be great! That is one mean looking sandwich right there! Yum!

  14. Don't care for the habeneras, but that sandwich looks yummy. I like plained grilled cheese, with cream of tomato soup. That's one good meal!

    Now I'm hungry. Hope the hubby gets home soon!

  15. Anita: Thanks bunches. Hope you have a groovy week, as well. And get to create some fun things.

    Stacy: Not a fan of the spicy stuff or just the habanero? I love all kinds of hot peppers. Num num.

    Hope you guys have a great meal.

  16. Not a fan of spicy stuff. My husband is, though. The hotter the better. Me - I prefer my food not to bite back!

  17. Glas to heard you are better;) nice header I love it!!

  18. The peppers sound great in a cheese sandwich. I love peppers and now I wonder why I never thought to try it. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.

  19. The boys can be fussy, so I'm not always in luck, but I make tuna casserole, or potato bake, or fish (there is a fish market 1 minute from home, at the harbour) and chips, or Dave Special (penne pasta with garlic, kalamata olives, tomato, capsicum, GOOD olive oil, sun dried tomatoes) or if i feel like making dough then pizza. Or winter vege soup, or chilli (mild, or a baked dinner. They eat salad which is good. Rarely cook for myself. That is dumb. :)

  20. Stacy: I can appreciate that. When I make things at work, I try and take care not to make them too spicy. Because not everyone's taste is the same.

    Me, I'm Hungarian. Raised on spicy foods.

    Gloria: Thank you much. Hope you are doing well and making lots of yummy things.

    Anne: I never thought of chives until mshatch mentioned it in the comments.

    This is one of the great things about blogging. We get to share fun ideas.

    Or in this case, yummy ideas.

    Ragnardbard: Your meals sound darn good.

    I agree about the olive oil. GOOD olive oil is a must. I was just talking about this the other day. Same with GOOD butter and by gosh, GOOD cinnamon.

  21. Now I'm hungry again....

    And to mangle a phrase from Haley Joel Osment: "I see shamrocks..."

  22. William: I'm a bit late, but better late than never.