09 March 2012

Dumb Luck

I want to play in my kitchen.  And since Tim asked for a recipe for his zine, I'll work on that.

He wants something easy for gamers to make and eat.  So I'm going with these yummy little cheese and pepperoni baked thingys.

For which I'll need a better name.

Meanwhile, the score I recently made was just dumb luck.  I hadn't planned on the purchase.  But with an organized coupon binder and a store drop down, I snagged 'em.

Check it out.

$0.99 -- Cost of item with in-store price drop.
$1.00 -- Value of manufacture coupon.
$2.00 -- Big K doubled the value (restrictions apply).
Note: Use of the $1 coupon required a purchase of 2 Tums.
$1.98 --  Total before coupon.
$1.98 -- *Subtract value of coupon.
$0.00 -- Final cost.

*It's noteworthy to add that BigK (K-Mart), does not pay overage.  Overage is when the coupon is worth more than the item, and the overage goes either in my pocket or is applied to the rest of my order.

However, BigK's computer should automatically adjust the price of the coupon to match the item or items.  In this case, $1.98 - still making my item FREE.

I used 3 coupons in the same transaction. 6 Tums, total.

Here's the other thing, the manager didn't know what doubles up to a dollar meant.  So it's important to know the store's coupon policies.  She told me double up to a dollar meant they only doubled coupons worth 75 cents.

Very nicely (it's important to be nice but firm), I explained that double up to a dollar means, just that.  For every $1 manufacture coupon, it will be doubled to $2.

Where she got 75 cents, I'm not sure.

Also note, the register didn't ring my Tums in at the drop down price.  They had just dropped the price and the computers weren't caught up.

So again, nicely (but firm), I told her she needed to do a price adjustment for said items.  No problem.

And lastly, the mascara I purchased was a buy one get one free, and again, the computer didn't scan the correct price.  It took her three times to ring the correct total.  Of which I saved 75% off my purchase and scored $30 in free Tums.

And that's how I did it.


  1. Don't let them take you ever, Whisk!
    And stick with pepperoni baked thingys. That' what the guys will end up calling them anyway.

  2. That making these cheesy pepperoni thingies involves getting 6 packs of Tums seems a bit ominous to me. I guess he said easy to make and eat, not to digest.

    Maybe he could approach the Tums Corporation and see if they'll sponsor some coupons in the zine!

  3. I think Alex has a good point and yay you for the awesome deals you're getting!

  4. Pepperoni and cheese, yum! Call it whatever you want because you'll be asked to make them again and again I'm sure.

  5. You could try flipping through Tim's various monster and treasure compendia and see if the snacks bear any resemblance to entries in those tomes, which might give you an idea for a "gamey" name of some sort. :)

  6. Tough and firm and another coupon coup.....

  7. Aha! You reveal to us your cunning ways!

    Good for you in telling them what was what.


  8. You had me at "cheese and pepperoni".

  9. You have to watch them with the coupon and price thing. So many times the register isn't up to date with the discounted price.

  10. I love thingys. I used to serve chicken thingys with potato thingys and the kids knew exactly what that was!

    So call them cheese and pepperoni thingys. If that's what you call them now, that's what people will know them as.

  11. Little cheese and pepperoni baked thingys sound interesting!!!!!

  12. Thanks Guys: For the great comments and taking the time to drop-in. I appreciate the name input. You guys are the best.

    And now, I just finished making a new batch of doggy treats, of which I best go get off the counter, before Bug beats me too it.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  13. Wow! You go girl! In Canada there are stores with scanning codes of practice where if an item doesn't scan at the correct price then you get it for free (if it is under $10. or $10 off if the item is over that amount)

    It is kind of fun to point these things out when it happens!

  14. Lori: We have stores like that as well and once I got 12 bucks worth of stuff free because of it.

    I also like the money back guarantee on items. I've bought so many things that just weren't good tasting, got my money back, no problems.

    Love that.

    Hope you are well and making lots of nummy foods.

  15. *reaches through cyberspace and steals those cheesy pepperoni thingies*

  16. William: I wish food blogs had a teleport button.