08 March 2012

2 Day Work Week

I'm on a super duper short work week, which I am happy about.  Then in a couple of weeks it's going to be nutso again when one of the preppies goes on holiday for 10 days.

But for now at least, I'm in my jams, watching educational coupon lessons on the 360 (Xbox Live), while I take notes and hang out with my two favorite coupon buddies.

And the correct answer for yesterday's post is .... FREE.  Instead of paying 30 bucks, I got the entire lot for FREE.

And, and, and, my total savings for that trip to the Big K, after coupons and sales, was 75%.  My best yet.

This is Bug's head.  She got sleepy watching coupon videos.
She's such a lightweight.


  1. Wow, that is some swell couponing. You could always making a little extra money by doing seminars on couponing. All you need is a good mid-afternoon weekend info-mmercial.

  2. Yay for short weeks and free tums!

  3. Trey: It was pretty good for Kmart. Over at Tops, I saved 60%, I think it was. I have to look at my chart. But 75% at the BigK is my best yet.

    Seminars are both a scary and fun idea. Tim wants me to teach it at his job, but that will have to be once I am no longer a newb.

    Anita: Hope your day is going well, and that your creating something fun.

    Alex: Once I get a FREE good quality razor or refill, he will be properly dethroned.

    Hope your book tour is going well and that you're selling tons.

  4. Coupon Queen is your new title....

  5. Lurker: Well, it sure makes the low hours from the restaurant a bit easier to take.

  6. Lucky you, my classes are slowly getting more demanding as finals are getting close.

  7. Nothing like a really short work week to let you... Well, get on with everything else! Enjoy!

  8. DWei: Here's hoping you make it through finals, and that you score super duper good.

    Brendan: Sometimes it feels like we work so hard just to get to sit in quiet for a few minutes.

    I love those few minutes, or in my case this week, most of the week.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  9. Have a great short week and well done with the free tums!

  10. Can't believe the pups weren't excited about coupon education.
    I would have never guessed free.

  11. Hpe your enjoying the short week, just remember it when it gets crazy.


  12. I'm also a bit taken aback it was zero. That's some talent. I think the idea of you teaching it is a very good one - there must be a big and willing audience for knowledge like that.

  13. Wow, free? Looks like you're getting better and better at this coupon gig.


  14. Ray: So that's a no on the unicorns?

    Susan: Just a bit of dumb luck, got me that deal.

    Baur: I'm glad for it this week.

    Ian: Oh my gosh, it's gonna be crazy soon.

    Porky: I'm still learning a ton. Still a newbie, myself.

    As for those folds, I think I will use them.

    Jai: I started off small and I'm still small potatoes, but yes, the game is getting easier to play.

  15. And the dogs look so peaceful too...

    At least until they get an idea in their heads about causing trouble, that is....

  16. Es muy tierno tu perro dan ganas de abrazarlo,yo tengo dos más pequeños,saludos y abrazo hugs,hugs.