07 March 2012

Tim's Cooking Tonight

And that means pizza and wings from up the road.  Which is perfect, because I'm pooped from work.

So tonight, all I want to do is clip coupons and not do dishes.  But first, I want to show you yesterday's score.

Guess how much I paid for these?


  1. I'm scared to guess! Uh, $3?


  2. Pizza and wings from up the road? I'd hire Tim as cook.

  3. They paid you five dollars to take those out of the store!

  4. So wait. Are you trying to tell us you bought a bulk supply of Tums because Tim is cooking tonight?

  5. My guess is all of them for $6. Hope that supply is enough for years.

  6. I hate to rain on your parade but antacids are really not good for you. Believe it or not I used to keep a huge bottle of these next to the bed for years. Midnight heartburn was the worst. Then I found out the problem was not excess acid but not enough acid, to fully digest a meal. I have been taking apple cider vinegar tablets with every meal for a few years now and have not had one bout of heartburn. Take one before and after eating pizza (used to give me heartburn just smelling it) and no problem. I turned my whole family, my wife, and several friends on to this and they all had the same results.

    So hopefully you didn't pay too much so that throwing them away won't give you heartburn:)

    I have done my civic duty for the day.

    PS. ACV is cheap too!

  7. I'm all about eating food other people cook. Yum!

  8. I'm all about eating food other people cook. Yum!

  9. Okay, I had to laugh at your question because my answer was: "One sour stomach!"

    But I also laughed because I thought maybe that was your dessert after eating Tim's "cooking".

  10. $1.99, did you buy them because Tim was cooking?

  11. Howdy Folks:

    With coupons, price drops and a little dumb luck, I landed the price tag of zero.

    Price Before: $30.00
    Price After: Nada

    Personally, I like raw ginger the best. And thankfully, I rarely get heartburn. But ... for those times when the ginger isn't fresh, we've got big old pile of FREE.

    And that is very cool.