25 December 2011

Taking Over Ivy's Blog

That's right.  She can take over my blog so I can take over her's.  And I am making it a Sleestak Christmas over here also.  Last year Ivy's did red shirt cookies so I thought I would combine the Star Trek theme with my Sleestaks.

Looks like Slee is way ahead of the competition as he gets the second Daily Double correct.  Have a great Christmas everyone.  And to Ivy who has no idea I am doing this right now, here's a freebie post toward your count.

By the way, I'm hungry.


  1. Tim: You shit. I really had no idea. Love the Star Trek & Slee. And now, only nine posts to go. Woohoo.

  2. Kim: And a Yummy New Year, to you and your family. Boogie, boogie.

    Brutorz: If I remember correctly, you started a new job. Here's to a successful and fun New Year.

  3. Ha! That was funny ;)

    And I remember the sleestaks!!!

  4. mshatch: He does Sleestak Sunday each week over at his blog. We are both big fans of the sleestak. So fun.

  5. Spreading the Sleestak madness even further Tim!

  6. Go Sleestak!! Happy Christmas!!!!!!!

  7. Lurker: He can't help himself.

    Ray: Happy Christmas to you.

    Matt: And I honestly didn't know he was doing it. But I love the Star Trek/Slee combo.

    Hope you had a groovy weekend.

  8. Does the Red Shirt get fried when something goes horribly wrong with the Enterprise Christmas tree decorations?