26 December 2011

Eyeballs & Rocks

It's nearly January (winter for us), and there are peepers outside.  While this might not be exciting stuff, it's a blog.  And with my deadline looming, I've gotta write about something.

So peepers it is. 

And since I couldn't find a good picture of peepers, please enjoy the following photo of eyeballs and rocks.

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  1. Alex: It's now our computer wallpaper.

    biopunk: Yeppers. Them be the ones.

  2. Wow. That definitely beats having to listen to Steller's Jays any day!

  3. biopunk: I was surprised to hear the peepers.

    That bird made me laugh a little. I think about how it would to try and write with him outside my window.

    We have squirrels that get loud.

  4. Yeah, those jays are horrible, noisy, abusive creatures.

    Very good at scaring the chickadees and finches and the neighbour's cats.

    They make loud "thumps" when they land on the deck and can scatter the contents of any bird feeder in seconds. (Not that they actually eat most of the seeds, just scatter them, bastards...)

    They'll definitely take on the local squirrels at the drop of a sunflower seed, tho'.

    Hope the peepers don't spawn and get to back to hibernating soon!

  5. biopunk: And they look strong. My poor little red squirrels would be snacky snacks.

    I hope the peepers go back to sleep. Love hearing them but I don't want the babies to die.

    Have you thought about starting a blog? I know I'd asked you long ago but was wondering if you changed your mind.

  6. Whisk: First off, I hope you and Tim had a great Christmas.

    Secondly...thanks a ton for the rock picture. That may be the creepiest thing I've seen in a while. Not only that, they're just BEGGING to be statted up.

    Thirdly...I love the new header on the blog. I'd be willing to bet a paycheck on the idea that there's something lurking behind that stand of trees. If you squint, you can almost see it. In fact, if you look out of the corner of your eye, I think you CAN see it.

  7. the green one in the middle looks like an alien.

  8. Boric G: We did, I hope you did as well. Thanks for the good wishes. We stayed in and I only had to work Monday. How was your weekend?

    Sure thing for the picture. When I saw it I thought, that it was fun. We're using it as computer wallpaper now. Tim laughed when you said statted up.

    I agree about the scary tree. I had posted this picture a long time ago and I believe I named it Scary Snow Tree. It's from our backyard.

    Thanks for the drop-in.

    mshatch: It does. Did you hear any peepers yet? Poor little things. So warm out where I live, they don't know what's going on.

  9. biopunk: That would be so fun. Please drop by and let me know if you do. Thanks.

  10. Ms. Whisk, thanks for the creepy picture. Now I am paranoid. 8-)

    Where exactly do you and the hubby live? For those of us still sort of new to your blog it would be nice to know.

    I'm in Texas and though the northern part of the state got some snow this Christmas, central Texas is just a little cold (32F) compared to our more common Texas heat (100+)

  11. Kim: Made me smile when I found the picture. Happy to share that with you.

    Lurker: lolol. Thank you.

    Mo D: In a snowbelt. But lately, it's been nothing. Each winter, less and less snow. Wow, from 100 to 32, that's a big drop. Hope you stayed warm and had a snugly good holiday weekend.

  12. Ohhh Peepers are frogs!! hahaha I just watched the 'spring peepers' vid. How cute! :)

  13. Niki: Welcome back. I've kept your tea warm and made you a fresh dessert. Great to see you again. Cheers & Happy Oogie Boogie.