24 December 2011

Who Am I? Quiz 8

And why do I have a wand stuck in my nose?  Winners get a snot covered wand, and anything I find in Tim's pants.

Who Am I? Results for Quiz 7.


  1. Cave troll having a bad time in the loo?
    Ron Wealsy stuck his wand in it's nose.
    I think.

  2. Oops. It was Harry Potter's wand.
    And Tim can keep everything in his pants.

  3. I have no idea who he is!
    Merry Christmas.

  4. I would actually take a snot covered want - if it works ;)

  5. Merry Christmas to you too Ivy! I hope you have an over the top, oogie boogie kind of Christmas! All the best to you and hubby!

  6. Nemo: We laughed about your comment about Tim's pants. That's funny. I thought it was a Mountain Troll but either way, you win a snot covered wand. I'll save what's in Tim's pants for another contestant.

    Stacy: Your Christmas Eve sounded great. Love that you got writing in.

    mshatch: Saw your tree this morning. Is that yours? We have a little one inside. Fake. Very cute.

    Lo-mo: Wishing you a great holiday weekend with your family. Here's to many more yummy meals in the New Year.

  7. All the rock troll was trying to do was say hello. And find a student to rip in half and eat its entrails. Is that so bad?

    Wait... yes, it is.

  8. Late to the game as usual, but the ears indicate that it must be Tony Blair trying to be as relevant as Chumbawumba after the public backlash against his "Cool Britannia" PR campaign in the late 90s.